08 April 2017

G is for Garland Norton Lincecum. He was Shot Accidentally.

Individual Report - GNLincecumGarland Norton Lincecum was born October 1872 in Texas to Lysander Rezin Lincecum (d. 1875) and Margaret "Maggie" Wood/s (b. 1846).  Garland was married at least twice, and possibly three times.

Before I get to that aspect of Garland's story, however, let me share this interesting bit of life experience he endured:

Caldwell News-Chronicle (Texas)
Friday, 11 May 1900 [via The Portal to Texas History]

Convict Guard Accidentally Shot.
Gonzales, Texas, May 9.--Norton Lincecum, a county convict guard, was shot accidentally Monday evening by A. C. McCown, a deputy sheriff.  Lincecum had the county convicts at work near Slayden, eight miles above here.  Three of the negro convicts made a break to escape and McCown and Lincecum were after them, Lincecum trying to head them off from the brush.  McCown fired one shot with his pistol and just as he fired Lincecum came up out of a small ravine and the bullet struck him on the right side of the stomach, passing through the body on the right side.  He is doing very well today and will be brought to town.

Back to those wives.  The conflicting information comes from census records.  The 1910 Gonzales County, Texas Federal census shows Norton and his wife at the time (Lizzie) were both on their second marriage.  Twenty years later, the 1930 Federal census for the same place states Norton was first married at age 30.  This was the time of his marriage to the aforementioned, supposed second wife.

Turning to marriage records, the first union is found in the Texas Marriages, 1837-1973 database at FamilySearch:  Garland N. Lincecum & Annie Kent, m. 15 September 1895 at Travis County.

A side note regarding this marriage is found in the 1900 Williamson County, Texas Federal census.  Norton is listed as single, versus divorced or widowed.

Document images are available for Garland's second and third marriages.  First is his union with Lizzie Fanning on 28 August 1904 at Gonzales County.


The third union was with Miss Mabel Lott on 15 June 1925 at Guadalupe County.


With three marriages, one might expect at least a couple offspring.  But I have no concrete evidence of any children born to Garland and his wives.  There is one possibility – a son called Arnold born about 1901 is listed in the 1910 census.  But it is unclear if this is Garland's son from his first wife, or Lizzie's son from her previous husband.  Anyone know for sure?

Garland spent most of his life farming.  The 1900 census gives him the occupation of "Cotton Marker" (what that is, I do not know), and his World War I draft registration card says he was also a "Ginner," so maybe he dealt specifically with cotton much of the time.

Garland Norton Lincecum lived to the age of 82 years.  He died 19 June 1955 in Leesville, Gonzales County, Tx.  His remains rest at the Leesville Cemetery.

This isn't the first time I've written about a Garland Lincecum. An Individual Report for Garland Harvey Lincecum (1887-1912) is also here.

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Kristin said...

I want to know if the convicts were able to make their escape as the guards shot each other.

Finding Eliza

S. Lincecum said...

Great question, Kristin. No word on that, as I recall.

Debby said...

Any relation to the baseball player Tim Lincecum?

Interesting post.

S. Lincecum said...

Very distant cousin -- never met him -- but related nonetheless!

Unknown said...

I'm so excited to find info on my family! Hailey Lincecum

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