03 November 2010

The Cockspur Island, Georgia Lighthouse at "Your Peachy Past"

On a recent trip to Savannah, Georgia, I had the chance to visit Fort Pulaski and take a trail through a marsh to an overlook for the Cockspur Island Lighthouse. Cockspur Island is located just inside the mouth of the Savannah River.

Since this site maintained by the National Park Service does not directly connect to my family story, my post about the light is located on another blog I author, Your Peachy Past. I know readers of this blog are interested in sites of historical significance such as this, so I thought I'd plug the article here. ;-)

02 May 2010

Cerebrovascular Accident

Nancy Pairlee Yarbrough Tilley Brown was born 28 April 1877 and died 7 February 1968 in the state of Texas. While looking at her death certificate, specifically the cause of death and medical certification section, I came across something I had not seen before.

The first part was self-explanatory: Section 18, Cause of Death - Part I - Death was caused by (immediate cause) Cancer of Bladder. Part II is where I saw something new to me: Under "Other Significant Conditions Contributing To Death But Not Related To The Terminal Disease Condition Given In Part I" was Arteriosclerosis. C. V. A. I remember from school that arteriosclerosis is hardening of arteries, but I had to search on C. V. A. It stands for "cerebrovascular accident" and means cousin Nancy had a stroke. From eMedicinal.com:
"Arteriosclerosis (build-up of calcium on the inside of artery walls) and atherosclerosis (deposits of fatty substances) have about the same effect on circulation. Either condition causes strokes, coronary disease (angina), and high blood pressure...Older people are at greater risk for this kind of heart trouble. When arteriosclerosis occludes the arterial supply of blood to the brain, a cerebrovascular accident (CVA), or stroke occurs."

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