26 August 2016

Ida Lincecum and the Lauderdale Family Cemetery

On private property in Brenham, Washington County, Texas is an unmarked cemetery.  At one time, "most of the people who have lived in the area for many years" indicated the only identifiable grave in the cemetery was that of Col. Samuel D. Lauderdale.  Col. Lauderdale and his wife Sarah Hawkins were the parents of Edna Caroline Lauderdale.

Edna married Lucullus Garland Lincecum about 1853 in Washington County, Texas.  The couple had at least five children, including a girl named Ida.  She was born about 1861, but was gone by the 1870 census.

Research conducted by members of the Washington County Genealogical Society of Brenham, Texas, suggests Ida could have been laid to rest in the Lauderdale Family Cemetery.  But little girl Ida hopefully would not have lain there alone.  It's possible her mother and grandfather rest nearby.

For a more thorough report of the Samuel Lauderdale family and a listing of other possible burials in the cemetery, visit the Washington County Genealogical Society at bluebonnetgenealogy.org.

*Image credit: "Texas Bluebonnets and an Aggie Bluebonnet" by Sarah Richter (2007) via flickr.

25 August 2016

3 Wives of Haywood Lincecum

Rose Hill Cemetery - June 2009 038I know very little about the wives of Haywood Lincecum, so figured it would be easy enough to combine them into one post.

Mary Ann Brown and Haywood were married 3 January 1850 at Noxubee County, Mississippi.  She was born about 1827-1828, possibly in South Carolina.  Mary A. and Haywood had at least one son, Olympus Lincecum (1851-1938).  This family can be found in the 1850 and 1860 census for Oktibbeha County, Mississippi.  Mary A. presumably died before Haywood married again, so prior to 1869.

Mary E. Perkins and Haywood were married 21 February 1869 in Oktibbeha County, Mississippi.  Mary E. brought children from a previous marriage to the family.  She was born about 1833, possibly in Tennessee.  Mary E. and Haywood had at least one daughter, Otelia Lincecum (b. abt March 1870).  This family can be found in the 1870 Oktibbeha County, Mississippi Federal census.  Mary E. presumably died before Haywood married again, so prior to 1873.

Elizabeth "Betsy" R. McIlwain/e and Haywood were married 21 January 1873 in Oktibbeha County, Mississippi.  She was born about 1840, possibly in South Carolina or Alabama, a daughter of Samuel and Susanah Conn McIlwain/e.  Elizabeth is listed with her parents for the 1860 Cherokee County, Alabama Federal census, and with Haywood for the 1880 Oktibbeha County, Mississippi Federal census.  Elizabeth and Haywood had at least one son, Orono Brooks Lincecum (b. 1874).

According to FindAGrave.com, Elizabeth died 27 March 1890.  She was laid to rest at Sanders Cemetery in Oktoc, Oktibbeha County, Mississippi.

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24 August 2016

Is Travis Haywood Lincecum the Same as Haywood H. Lincecum?

Inquiring minds want to know.  It seems the two are one, but please tell me your thoughts.  I would especially appreciate a share if you believe there is conclusive proof one way or the other.

Travis Haywood Lincecum is named a child of Grabel and Wilmoth Lincecum in Grabel's 1836 last will and testament made in Oktibbeha County, Mississippi.  Much of the time, I find an individual presumed to be this son simply with the name of Haywood Lincecum.  Then, at times, he is found as Haywood H.  Here is a list of names come across in research, thinking Travis Haywood and Haywood H. are one in the same:

  • Haiwood H. Lincecum
  • Hayward Linsecum
  • Haywood Lincecum
  • Haywood H. Lincecum
  • Haywood Howard Lincecum
  • Haywood T. Lincecum
  • Heyward Lincecum
  • Travis Haywood Lincecum

By self [Public domain], via Wikimedia CommonsHaywood was born between 1824 and 1826 in either Alabama or Mississippi.  I lean toward Mississippi, though his father, uncles, and grandfather did stay for a bit in Alabama before settling in Mississippi.  Judy Jacobson's Alabama and Mississippi Connections* provides the following:

According to Old Tuskaloosa Land Office Records, on September 5, 1822, a "Gravel" Lincecum of Monroe County, Mississippi was awarded land in Sec 26 T 16 R 17 W...The only other land granted to a Lincecum by the Tuscaloosa land office was given to "Grabel" Lincecum on December 11, 1822.  That property was described as Sec 26 T 16 R 17 W in Monroe County.

Haywood married three times.  First, to Mary Ann Brown, 3 January 1850 at Noxubee County, Mississippi.  This union resulted in a son, Olympus.  Next, H. H. Lincecum married Mary E., formerly the wife of a Mr. Perkins, 21 February 1869 at Oktibbeha County, Mississippi.  This union resulted in a daughter, Otelia.  Lastly, Hayward Linsecum married Elizabeth "Betsy" McIlwain/e, 21 January 1873 at Noxubee County.  This union resulted in a son, Orono Brooks.

H. H. Lincecum has a tombstone at Soule Chapel Cemetery in Macon, Noxubee County, Mississippi.  The birth date inscribed is 20 February 1824, and the death date is 9 April 1900.

Individual Facts:

  • Census:  1840 / Noxubee County, Mississippi – Mrs. W. Lincecum household
  • Occupation:  November 1850 / Farmer in Oktibbeha County, Mississippi
  • Residence:  9 November 1850 / Oktibbeha County
  • Occupation:  July 1860 / Farming in Oktibbeha County
  • Census:  18 July 1860 / Starkville, Oktibbeha County
  • Occupation:  August 1870 / Farmer in Oktibbeha County
  • Census:  16 August 1870 / Oktibbeha County
  • Occupation:  1880 / Miller in Oktibbeha County
  • Census:  1880 / Oktibbeha County

Sources available upon request.


- Haywood was a veteran of the Mexican War.  [Judy Jacobson, Alabama & Mississippi Connections:  Historical & Biographical Sketches of Families Who Settled on Both Sides of the Tombigbee River. -- online at Ancestry.com] -- According to his pension card, Haywood H. fought with "Armstrongs & Evans, Texas Rangers." [United States Mexican War Pension Index, 1887-1926 at FamilySearch.org]

- According to a 1900 Macon Beacon, Heyward [sic] Lincecum, age 75 and a Mexican War veteran, died on April 9, 1900 leaving a son Brooks Lincecum and a sister Mrs. J. B. Cole. Ducianna Amanda Lincecum, also a named child in Grabel Lincecum's will, married Josiah B. Cole 23 April 1854 in Noxubee County, Mississippi.

Take all mistakes as good wishes.

*Links to Ancestry database.  Also available for purchase here.

23 August 2016

Short Last Will and Testament of Grabel Lincecum (d. abt 1837)

grabellincecum1836willIn the name of God Amen, I, Grabel Lincecum of the county of Oktibbeha and state of Mississippi being mindful of my mortality do make this my last will and testament in manner and form following to wit) I give and bequeath to my wife Wilmoth Lincecum all my property real & personal during her natural life or widowhood though in case of marriage then and in that case I wish all of my property equally divided between my several children.  To wit) Travis Haywood Lincecum Bartly Case Lincecum Elizabeth Lincecum Willmoth M. Lincecum Ducianna Amanda and Grabel E. Lincecum.  I wish my wife to have the entire controle [sic] of my property I wish no Administrator.  I want the money due me to go to the payment of my debts and the residue to go to the support of my family or used as my wife may think proper

Given under my hand & seal this the 9th day of Nov 1836
Grabel Lincecum
Willmoth Lincecum

I. P. Thompson
Josiah Watkins
Wm. H. Anderson
Wm. C. Shaw

*Will admitted to probate by judge and witness 1st May 1837 in Noxubee County, Miss.  "Recorded the 19th day of April 1838 in Record of wills (A) page 13..."

*Wilmoth, widow of Grabel, would go on to marry James P. Haynes in 1842.

Mississippi, Wills and Probate Records, 1780-1982 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Ancestry.com Operations, Inc., 2015.
Original data: Mississippi County, District and Probate Courts.
Transcription by Stephanie Lincecum, 18 August 2016.

08 August 2016

Individual Report for Garland Harvey Lincecum (1887-1912)

Photo by Donna McClary via FindAGrave. Used with permission.Garland Harvey Lincecum was born 14 September 1887 in Texas to Christopher Columbus Lincecum and Nina Boyle Cook.  Garland married Be/a Jones 11 February 1909 in Gonzales County, Texas.  They had at least one son, Harp, before Garland died 12 July 1912 in San Antonio, Bexar County.  Garland was buried at Thompsonville Cemetery in Gonzales County.

Garland's surname was most often written as Lincecum, but I did find it as Lincicum and Lincericum.

Individual Facts:

  • Occupation:  June 1900 / Farm Laborer in Gonzales County, Texas
  • Census:  22 June 1900 / Gonzales County
  • Occupation:  April 1910 / Strut Railway Conductor in San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas
  • Address:  abt April 1910 / 435 Jale Ave, San Antonio, Texas
  • Census:  25 April 1910 / San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas

Sources available upon request.

Tombstone Inscription:

Garland Harvey Lincecum
Born Sept 14, 1887
Died July 12, 1912

The pains of death are past
Labor and sorrow cease
And life's long warfare closed at last
His soul is found in peace

01 August 2016

Individual Report for John C. Roberts, Husband of Fernandella Lincecum

They who knew him best will bless his name
and keep his memory dear while life shall last.

John C. Roberts was born on Christmas Day of 1837 in Winston County, Mississippi to Alexander Roberts and Sabra Vise.  Alexander Roberts [first] came to Texas in 1836, and helped the Texans fight the battles of the Republic for nearly four years, being in many engagements with the enemy, the most noted of which was the Plum Creek fight.  This was written in a book by Dan W. Roberts, son of Alexander and brother of John C., titled Rangers and Sovereignty (first published 1914).

Sabra, on the other hand, thought the Texas frontier unsafe for her family.  She, more than once, returned with her children to Mississippi.  The family, all together, finally settled at what soon came to be Caldwell County about 1843.

John C. was one of three Roberts boys to marry three Lincecum girls.  His choice was Fernandella Brazoria "Della" Lincecum (1840-1933), daughter of Garland R. Lincecum and Emmaline Jones.  They were married 9 August 1857 at Caldwell County.  The couple went on to have six sons and one daughter:  Jacob Garland, Alexander Chalmus, Daniel Brazos, Louada, James Travis, John B. J., and Sullivan Ross.

John C. Roberts was a farmer, and during the Civil War, a cattle driver.  He died 25 March 1919 at his home "8 mi east of Lockhart" in Caldwell County, Texas.  John C. was buried in Lincecum Cemetery, sacred land originally owned by his father-in-law.

Individual Facts:

  • Residence:  1839 / Texas
  • Census:  11 November 1850 / Caldwell County, Texas
  • Occupation:  June 1860 / Stock Raiser at Caldwell County
  • Census:  20 June 1860 / Lockhart, Caldwell County
  • Occupation:  August 1870 / Farmer at Caldwell County
  • Census:  27 August 1870 / Lockhart, Caldwell County
  • Occupation:  June 1880 / Farmer at Caldwell County
  • Census:  12 June 1880 / Caldwell County
  • Occupation:  June 1900 / Farmer at Caldwell County
  • Census:  8 June 1900 / Caldwell County
  • Occupation:  May 1910 / Farmer of a General Farm at Caldwell County
  • Address:  May 1910 /  Union Grove Road, Caldwell County
  • Census:  10 May 1910 / Caldwell County
  • Occupation:  October 1914 / Farmer at Caldwell County, but not able to work
  • Address:  October 1914 / RFD #1, Dale, Caldwell County

Sources available upon request.


  • According to the 1870 Caldwell County, Texas Federal census, J. C. could not read or write.
  • From October 1914 Indigent Pension Application (No. 28601) of John C. Roberts:
    When asked of what state was his command, he replied with Texas.  John went on the say:  "Enlisted at Austin July 1863.  Served until May 1865…Was immediately detailed to serve in Subsistence Department and was put to work gathering cattle for Luckett's Regiment.  My entire time was put in driving Beeves for the command.  I did not serve in any company as a soldier."

    A Mortuary Warrant submitted by D. B. Roberts, John's son, states John died of heart disease at home.
  • John's wife also submitted paperwork regarding his death as part of her Confederate Widow's Pension Application. Image above, detailing burial expenses, was included.

    *Digital images of both John's and Della's pension applications are available online in the Alabama, Texas and Virginia Confederate Pensions, 1884-1958 database.

Take all mistakes as good wishes.

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