03 April 2017

B is for Brazoria B. Lincecum Roberts (A to Z Challenge)

Individual Report - BBLRoberts"Lay me down, I want to rest."

Brazoria (also spelled Brassoria) B. Lincecum was a daughter of Garland R. Lincecum (d. 1853) and Emaline Jones/James (d. 1889).  Most online family trees and group sheets state the middle initial of B stands for Bryant, but I'm not so sure.  The only other name associated with Brazoria I have seen is Beatrice.  Brazoria's surname before marriage took on several spellings, as well -- Lincoln, Linscolm, and believe it or not, Fentycomb.

Though her tombstone provides a birthdate of 11 November 1835, I think the year of Brazoria's birth was more likely 1839.  She was born in Mississippi, but her parents took her and her siblings to Caldwell County, Texas by the the time the 1850 census was taken.

Brazoria was one of three Lincecum sisters to marry three Roberts brothers.  She chose Jacob F. "Jake" Roberts, and they were wed about 1856.  He was a son of Alexander Roberts (d. 1886) and Sabra Vise (d. 1855).  By 1880, the couple and their children were living in the Dripping Springs Village area of Hays County, TX.  Brazoria and Jake would call this place home for the rest of their days.

According to the 1900 census, Brazoria birthed a total of ten children.  Eight were living.  The names of those were Laura M., Ida, Daniel Frank, Eva/Ava, Maud/e, Stella, Kathryn (Kate, Katie), and Berta Beatrice.

Brazoria B. Lincecum Roberts died April 1921.  She was laid to rest at Phillips Cemetery in Dripping Springs.  Jake joined her a couple of years later.

B. B. Roberts
Nov 11, 1835
Apr 13, 1921
Asleep In Jesus

Words from an obituary for Mrs. Roberts follow.  They were published in the 21 April 1921 edition of the San Marcos Record (Texas).  I did not transcribe the article; it is from the work of Mary Kathryn Harris.

The death angel has visited our little village and taken from our midst one of our best beloved citizens, Mrs. J. T. [sic] Roberts, who died April 14th…

Mrs. Roberts was 82 years of age, having spent 64 years with her husband. She had been an invalid for several years. She bore her affliction so patiently, so uncomplainingly and retained her mental faculties to the end. She took much interest in public affairs, reading and discussing current events until three days before she died. She lived in this vicinity over 50 years, and not once during that time did she ever fail to respond liberally to any enterprise that was to the betterment of the community in which she lived…She had often expressed the wish to the writer that she might pass away before becoming helpless and that wish was granted, she walked to her bed a few minutes before she died and said to her daughter, "Lay me down, I want to rest," and passed out so peacefully.

Her funeral was one of the largest that has ever been in Dripping Springs…

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