21 April 2017

R is for the Roger Milam Lincecum Family (A to Z Challenge)

Family Report - RMLincecumRoger Milam Lincecum was born 16 June 1894 in Waelder, Gonzales County, Texas to Christopher Columbus Lincecum (1859-1926) and Nina Boyle Cook (1863-1952).

Partly due to wildly incorrect ages of children listed with Roger for the 1930 Orange County, Texas Federal census, some extra research was required in order for me to (hopefully) get this family right.

Roger's first marriage was solemnized 15 June 1918 in Orange County, Texas.  The marriage record, in the form of an index, provides the bride's name was Emandie Naquin.  A subsequent birth record for the couple's first child gives her name as Emondia Trahon.

For the year prior to Roger's marriage to Emondia, when he registered for the (WWI) draft in June of 1917, Roger was still in Gonzales County working his father's farm.

Roger and Emondia had two sons:  Harris Lamar Lincecum (1919-2003) and Robert C. Lincecum (1920-1989).  Robert preferred to spell his surname as Linscomb.  Interestingly, Harris Lamar corrected his birth certificate from Linscomb to Lincecum.

There were a lot of Linscombs in Orange County during the time Roger's family was there.  It will take some time to decipher them all.

I do not know what happened to Emondia, but do know Roger married again about 1928 to Bertha Peveto.  This couple had three children:  Julia Loraine (1928-2007), Roger Milam Jr. (1929-2000), and Charles Phillips (1930-2003).

During this time, Roger spent time working in the oil fields.  After the initial boom in the Orange County area, he moved on to other things.

After Bertha died in 1976, Roger moved to Buna, Jasper County, Texas – possibly to be with (or at least close to) his daughter.  Roger died there in 1980.  Both he and Bertha were laid to rest at Bland Cemetery in Orange.

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I'm also participating with Southern Graves.  This blog as a whole is one of my themes – telling the tales of tombstones, primarily from those found in the Southern United States and usually the State of Georgia.

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Theresa Russo said...

stephanie, I did some research on christopher columbus lincecum 1859-1926, father of roger milam lincecum, and I don't see the connection to our lincecum line. my research shows that christopher columbus was the son of john j linscomb/lincecum b1826 and olivia lejeune young b1834; when I trace that lineage back it goes to a linscomb/lincecum born in wales. so that I can add christopher columbus lincecum to my tree, please show me how he is related to you. Since I know how we are related, I can then see how christopher columbus lincecum is related to me. Thanks. the email I use btw is sissyrusso@aol.com

Stephanie Lincecum said...

Hi, Theresa! I'm not related to Christopher Columbus Lincecum/Linscomb of Orange County, TX either. Rumor has it C.C. learned to read and write on the cattle drives. Maybe one of the descendants of Gideon Lincecum who also drove cattle taught him the LINCECUM spelling! :-)

In the interest of full disclosure, I *think* I considered C.C. a relative earlier in my research and had to be corrected. I don't remember the details, though.

Thanks so much for commenting. Keep in touch!

Theresa Russo said...

Thanks for the quick response. I am using your blog posts (which I am very much enjoying reading) to help fill in the gaps in the lincecum branches of my tree. This morning I was working on Oscar Lincecum, 1877-1909. I can find solid records where he was the son (possibly adopted you noted) of Charles W. Lincecum b1836 in Missouri. Neither Charles nor Oscar is currently in my tree. I can't find any online records to indicate who was the father of Charles W. Do you happen to know? Thanks.

Stephanie Lincecum said...

I believe he was a son of Harmon B. Lincecum and Lucinda Thompson. I use my grandfather's research as a jumping off point, and his notes say Charles was in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri for the 1870 census. This is a little odd, since I have noted he and Susan Hurt were married in Red River County, Texas in 1865. Have yet to verify one way or the other.

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