05 April 2017

D is for Diantha A. Lincecum Kynion (A to Z Challenge)

Individual Report - DLKynionDiantha Lincecum was my 3rd great grand aunt.  She was also a daughter of Harmon Linsicum/Lincecum (b. abt 1808) and Lucinda "Lucy" Thompson (d. aft. 1870).

I don't think my aunt's name was ever spelled the same way twice:  Dianthy, Darintha, Dianthia.  Add to that Linsicum and Lincecom. Her married name wasn't much better with Kenion, Kinion, Kenyon, and Kinyan.

Census records suggest Diantha was born 1837-1841 in Missouri.  I was in contact many years ago with a great, great granddaughter of hers that said she got full dates from an old family book.  If that's accurate, Diantha was born 11 May 1842.

Using that provided birthdate, it can be said Diantha was married at the age of 14.  Image of a Cape Girardeau County, Missouri marriage book shows she married Reuben R. Kynion 12 October 1856.  He was 5 to 7 years her senior.  The couple had known each other for a while before marriage, it seems.  The 1850 Cape Girardeau County census shows Diantha and her future husband were neighbors.

Diantha and Reuben possibly had six children:  Charles R., Mary L., Louisa E., Monroe, Julia, and Benjamin F.

Diantha lived the life of a farmer's wife, and spent all of it in Southeast Missouri.  And, according to census records, was not able to read or write.

My 3rd great grand aunt did not live very long, either.  I am not able to find her after the 1880 census, and her husband re-married in 1888.  The aforementioned family book gave her death date as 12 July 1886.  She was just 44 years old.

Are you wondering what's up with all the "letter" posts? I am participating in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge (links to official page). This challenge lasts through the month of April, with Sundays off.  Each day follows a different letter prompt, in order, from A to Z.  Click here to see all my letter posts on one page (in reverse order).  Though this is my second year in the challenge, it's my first with two blogs.  My theme here is "kinfolk direct." Versus any name from the one name study, these genealogy and history posts all involve someone to which I am related.  You may follow along with me by RSS feed and other social media platforms listed at the top of the sidebar.  I and other bloggers in the challenge on Twitter will also be using #atozchallenge.

I'm also participating with Southern Graves.  This blog as a whole is one of my themes – telling the tales of tombstones, primarily from those found in the Southern United States and usually the State of Georgia.

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Alice Gerard said...

What a fascinating story of this lady. Even though you didn't have much information about Diantha, you made me interested in her and wanting to know more about her.
I am participating in the A to Z blogging challenge, as well. Today's blog is all about food! https://alicesgrandadventures.blogspot.com/2017/04/d-is-for-delectable-delightful-dieting.html

Molly of Molly's Canopy said...

Another wonderful given name, but my goodness -- married at 14! Sad that she did not live past 44. Have you been able to find a cause of death?

Weekends in Maine said...

Such a unique name. I had never heard of it. It must be so interesting to learn about your family background. WeekendsInMaine

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