24 November 2016

Individual Report for Joel Clifton Shiflett, Husband of Sally Annie Lincecum

Individual Report - JCShiflettJoel Clifton Shiflett was born 17 April 1859, likely in Texas, to Joel and Sallie Shiflett of Virginia.  Name variations:

  • Joel Clifton Shiflett
  • Joel C. Shiftlett
  • Clifton J. Shiplett
  • Joseph Clifton Shiflett
  • Mr. Shiffleet

J. C. married Sally Annie Lincecum 20 December 1883 in Williamson County, Texas.  The couple had three children:

- Katie Elizabeth Shiflett, b. 29 August 1855 at Liberty Hill, Williamson County, Texas; m. Beau K. McCutcheon abt 1908; d. 9 December 1969 at Taylor, Williamson County, Texas.

- Roy Lee Shiflett, b. 13 July 1887 at Liberty Hill, Williamson County, Texas; m. Orine A.; d. 13 December 1957 at Quemado, Maverick County, Texas

- Licurgus G. Shiflett, b. 2 February 1889 at Lampasas, Texas; d. 18 March 1951 at San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas.

Joel Clifton Shiflett died 21 January 1933 at Williamson County, Texas.  He was laid to rest at Oakwood Cemetery in Austin, Travis County, Texas.

Individual Facts:

  • Census:  12 July 1860 / Liberty Hill, Williamson County, Texas
  • Census:  1870 / Liberty Hill, Williamson County, Texas
  • Occupation:  June 1900 / Farmer at Travis County, Texas
  • Census:  14 June 1900 / Travis County, Texas
  • Address:  April 1910 / Upper Georgetown Road, Travis County, Texas
  • Occupation:  April 1910 / Farmer of a General Farm at Travis County, Texas
  • Census:  April 1910 / Travis County, Texas
  • Occupation:  February 1920 / Farmer of a General Farm at Nueces County, Texas
  • Census:  18 February 1920 / Nueces County, Texas
  • Census:  10 April 1930 / Williamson County, Texas
  • Address:  abt January 1933 / w. 7th Street, Williamson County, Texas
  • Occupation:  abt January 1933 / Farmer at Williamson County, Texas

Sources available upon request.


- Cause of death:   Acidosis; Gall bladder infection.  (Per certificate.)

- Tombstone inscription via memorial #60868421 at FindAGrave.com:

J. C. Shiflett
Apr 17, 1859
Jan 21, 1933

Take all mistakes as good wishes.

09 November 2016

Individual Report for Parula Russell Lincecum (1896-1971)

Individual Report - PRLincecumParula Russell Lincecum was born 26 March 1896 in Gonzales County, Texas to George Durham Lincecum and Frances Amanda Stubblefield.  Parula was a veteran of World War I, and did marry a woman named Minnie.  He died 13 May 1971 at Arlington, Tarrant County, Texas.  Parula's remains were placed in the Hillcrest Mausoleum at Dallas, Texas.

Individual Facts:

  • Census:  April 1910 / Gonzales, Texas
  • Residence:  June 1917 / Gonzales, Texas
  • Occupation:  June 1917 / Clerk, employed by has father at Gonzales, Texas
  • Occupation:  January 1920 / Salesman of general retail merchandise at Gonzales, Texas
  • Census:  January 1920 / Gonzales, Texas
  • Residence:  1932 / Dallas, Texas
  • Residence:  abt April 1935 / Gonzales, Texas
  • Occupation:  Apr 1940 / Grocery Store Proprietor at Williamson County, Texas
  • Census:  April 1940 / Schwertner, Williamson County, Texas
  • Residence:  1942 / Shwertner, Williamson County, Texas
  • Residence:  1965-1971 / Arlington, Tarrant County, Texas
  • Address:  abt May 1971 / 2609A W. Randol Mill Rd, Arlington, Texas
  • Occupation:  abt May 1971 / Health Inspector for the State of Texas

Sources available upon request.


- According to his 1917 World War I draft registration, Parula claimed exemption because his father was crippled.  Parula was described as tall, with blue eyes and light hair.

- World War I; Private; Camp Travis, Texas; Base Hospital; Medical Department Detachment  [Graden, Debra, comp. Camp Travis, Texas World War I Records [database online] Provo, UT: Ancestry, 2000. Original data: Major E. B. Johns, U. S. A, compiler. Camp Travis and Its Part in the World War Texas:Wynkoop Hallenbeck Crawford Co., New York, 1919]

Parula's death certificate confirms he was a veteran of World War I.

- Also per his death certificate, Parula was D.O.A. at Arlington Memorial Hospital (Tarrant County, Texas).  Cause of death:  Congestive Heart Failure, Arterioslerotic Cardiovascular Disease.  Also noted:  "History of previous myocardial disorders; carcinoma of prostate."

Take all mistakes as good wishes.

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