28 May 2013

Sadie S. Abernathy Trentham, Christmas Baby (Tombstone Tuesday)

William E. Trentham (1909-1986)
Sadie S. Trentham (1915-2003)

New Bethel Congregational Methodist Church Cemetery
Bollinger County, Missouri
Photo by ancestorhunter via FindAGrave

Sadie S. (Abernathy) Trentham was a daughter of Joseph Noah Abernathy and Marry Elizabeth Kirn.

24 May 2013

What They Saw: Joseph Noah Abernathy (1875-1957)

I love putting my ancestors' lives on a historical timeline. Admittedly, I have only blogged about a couple of them, but I sincerely find the process very helpful in better understanding what their lives were like. Joseph Noah Abernathy, father-in-law to my great grand aunt Gladys Marie Campbell Abernathy, lived to be 81 or 82 years old (depending on which birth year you believe to be accurate). When preparing his timeline with the help of Family Tree Maker 2012, it seemed he saw quite a bit. So much so I thought I'd share.

A short preface: Joseph Noah Abernathy was born 1875 or 1876 in Longtown, Perry County, Missouri to Sion and Margaret Abernathy. A few eras he witnessed, likely without realizing it, were the Atlantic Slave Trade, the western expansion of the United States, and a mass immigration to the United States and Canada.  He witnessed five wars and outlived three children.

1880: Noah was enumerated for the 1880 U.S. Federal census on June 18th in Perry County, Missouri. He was one of seven children in the household of Sion Abernathy.

Saint Maurus Church, in Biehle, Missouri, USA - exterior
St. Maurus Church
Photo by Mark S. Abeln
1896: While still residing in Perry County, Noah married Marry Elizabeth Kirn on February 3rd. The service was conducted by a Catholic priest at St. Maurus Church in Biehle, Missouri. Noah was just under the age of twenty-one and had a guardian consent to the marriage. Later that year Noah and Marry had a son, Henry William Abernathy.

1898: Spanish - American War

1899: Noah and Marry had another son, Walla B. Abernathy.

1900: Noah and family were enumerated in the summer for the 1900 U.S. Federal census. Noah was farming in Perry County, Missouri (southeastern part of the state).

1901: President William McKinley was assassinated in September. Just over a month later, Noah and Marry had another son. His name was Harry Joseph Abernathy.

1903: Wright Brothers first flight.

1904: Noah and Marry finally have a daughter, Lydia Margaret Abernathy.

1907: Lona Loretta Abernathy, another daughter, arrives.

1908: Ford Model T is first manufactured.

1909: Noah and Marry gave birth to another daughter, Olga Mary Abernathy.

1910: Noah and family were enumerated in the summer for the 1910 U.S. Federal census. Noah is farming in Bollinger County, Missouri. Bollinger is a neighboring county of Perry, just to the south.

1912: Titanic disaster.

1913: Noah and Marry must bury one daughter, Olga Mary. Just shy of three weeks later, another daughter arrives. Her name was Bertha May Abernathy.

1914: World War I begins.

1915: A Christmas present for Noah and Marry is another daughter, Sadie S. Abernathy.

1918: Noah fills out his World War I draft registration card. He was still farming in Bollinger County, Missouri at the age of 43. He was described as having gray eyes and gray hair. This is also the year of birth for his daughter Cora Irene Abernathy.

1920: Noah saw women receive the right to vote. He and his family were also enumerated in the 1920 U.S. Federal census. They were still farming in Bollinger County, Missouri.

1921: Noah and Marry gave birth to Hersel Harold Abernathy.

1923: Noah gave his oldest daughter Lydia away in marriage. He also watched son Walla B. tie the knot.

1925: Another son gets married: Harry Joseph.

Photo by Arthur Ash III via
1928: Son Hersel Harold Abernathy dies in the fall.

1929: The stock market crashes, and the Great Depression begins.

1930: While Noah and his family are enumerated for the 1930 U.S. Federal census, there's a Holocaust going on in Eastern Europe. Noah is a general farmer in Bollinger County, Missouri.

1931: Noah is just one state away from the Dust Bowl.

1932: Daughter Lona gets married.

1939: World War II begins.

1940: Noah and family are again enumerated for the U.S. Federal census in Bollinger County, Missouri. And Noah is still farming.

1941: The beginning of the year saw daughter Cora get married. The end saw an attack on Pearl Harbor.

1945: Nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

1947: Beginning of the Cold War, and the death of another son. Walla B. passes away in January.

1950: The Korean War begins, and Noah's wife of 54 years dies.

1955: The Civil Rights Movement is underway.

1957: Joseph Noah Abernathy died in a nursing home at Stoddard County, Missouri. Noah was laid to rest beside his wife at Plainview Cemetery in Bollinger County.

Photo by Arthur Ash III via FindAGrave

23 May 2013

3 Birth Dates for Joseph Noah Abernathy

The first one is fairly easy to dismiss; it's from an index, and I can see how the mistake was made. An entry for Joseph Noah Abernathy in Ancestry's WWI Civilian Draft Registrations states he was born 20 Apr 1875, but an image of the draft card shows 20 March 1875. So right off the bat two is down to one.

But then there's his death certificate. It gives Noah's birth date as 3-21-1876, and one of his daughters is the informant. Furthermore, his tombstone in Bollinger County, Missouri's Plainview Cemetery offers the same birth year. And we are quickly back up to two.

I do have some extra evidence to consider. The marriage license for Noah and his wife Marry Elizabeth Kirn states Noah was under the age of twenty-one at the time the license was purchased, in January 1896. Unfortunately for my research, both birth dates would bring about that result.

I lean toward the birth date on Noah's World War I draft registration card simply because he should have been the one to provide that information. I guess other arguments could be made, though. What do you think?

By the way, Joseph Noah Abernathy (1875/6 - 1957) was the son of Sion and Margaret Abernathy. He was also the father-in-law to my great grand aunt, Gladys Marie Campbell via her marriage to Noah's son Harry Joseph Abernathy.
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