06 July 2011

2nd Cousin, 6x Removed, In Law - J. V. Matson (Wordless Wednesday)

05 July 2011

Diadamia Vardeman Matson: A Pioneer Woman of Texas, and a Heroine in Her Way

I was browsing around the Family History Archives of FamilySearch today with the LINCECUM surname. Since it's pretty rare, I felt safe doing a very generic search, including full text. I was right -- only 25 hits. Anyway, one hit was from the book A Memorial and Biographical History of Johnson and Hill Counties, Texas (with a mile-long subtitle). Included therein is a sketch for Colonel James Vardeman Matson, who married "a daughter of Dr. Gid Lincecum."

Mr. Matson's mother was Diadamia Vardeman Matson. She's technically not related to me, since her son is an "in law" of mine, but I thought this little tidbit about her was interesting. The author must have thought so too, to include it in the sketch of her son:

"The mother of Colonel Matson, Diadamia Matson, nee Vardeman, was one of the pioneer women of Texas and a heroine in her way. In 1837, her husband, Colonel Matson, decided to come to Texas, to look at the then new country, with a view to locating; Mrs. Matson insisted on accompanying her husband, and they came over in a schooner, and were shipwrecked off the mouth of the Brazos. As there was no transportation there then, they purchased saddle-horses, and the brave wife made the tour of the Indian-infested wilderness of Texas, with her husband, and also back to Missouri on horse-back."

You go, Diadamia!

Graphic from FreeClipartNow.com .
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