14 January 2010

Great, Great, Great Grandma Lucinda Yount Huffman -- I Want to Know More!

I can tell you a good bit about one of my 3rd great grandmothers. Lucinda Catherine Yount was born 13 October 1839 in Missouri to Frederick (Fred) Yount and Polly Mayfield. In the years 1840 and 1850 (and presumably all the ones in between), she was living with her parents in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri. Lucinda married Pinkney Sylvanis Huffman on Christmas day in the year 1859. They spent most of their days in Bollinger County, Missouri (per 1870, 1880, and 1900 federal census records). They must have taken a jaunt over to Illinois in the mid 1860's, however, since their daughter Roxanna seems to have been born there.

Speaking of children, Lucinda and Pinkney (often listed as "P. S.") had at least ten children. The ones I can account for are Stephen, Roxanna, Charity, Mary, Lucretia, Alice, and Clara. Other researchers say Henry, Christopher, Effa, and Dema also belong to them.

The Huffmans were farmers. So I know Lucinda worked hard on the land and in her home. I can also tell you Lucinda never learned to write. Early census records state she could not read, but later ones suggest she did acquire that ability. To what degree I do not know.

Lucinda lost her husband in 1908. By 1930, she was living with her daughter Alice. They were still in Bollinger County, Missouri.

Lucinda died 29 May 1932 in Bollinger County, Missouri. She was laid to rest a couple of days later near her husband in Slinkard Cemetery, located in Patton, Bollinger County.

...But I want more! I'm very happy to have all this information, but I am not satisfied. The facts and figures above do not give me much insight into Lucinda. I'm curious. Oftentimes, nicknames are found in census records. Lucinda is not once, that I have found this far, listed as Lucy. Did anyone ever call her by that nickname? Or did she despise it and always want to be called Lucinda? Even something as simple as that nugget of information would thrill me at this moment.

I'm not done with you yet, Mrs. Lucinda Catherine Yount Huffman!

10 January 2010

Dad's Senior Picture

I stumbled upon a copy of the 1972 Warner Robins High School yearbook in the local history room at a public library. I, of course, had to look up my father Michael Lincecum. And there he was, right where he should be.

I liked one of the quotes I found in the book:

And for the Seniors,
"It was the season of Hope"

an end
a beginning
senior rings and graduation
something to look
forward to -
while at the same time
looking back,

it was Warner Robins High School, 1972.

I was born a year later. :-)

09 January 2010

Peavy Marriages in Houston County, Georgia

While visiting the local history room in a county library branch a couple of days ago, I came across a book of marriage transcripts. The book is Houston Co, GA Marriage Records, 1825-1898, Vol I: Bks A, B. C, & D by William R. Henry. It was published by the Central GA Genealogical Society in 1986.

I found several PEAVY marriages and jotted them down. I'm related to a few of them, but I cannot account for all.

Marriage Book A
- M. Peavy m. Mary Ann Hudson 7 March 1848

Marriage Book C
- Fannie E. Peavy m. Thomas D. Warren 8 December 1870 [my 1st cousins, 3x removed]

Marriage Book D
- Alice Peavy m. J. L. Brown 12 July 1897
- Charles D. Peavy m. Nettie E. Baskin 21 December 1884 [my 1st cousins, 3x removed]
- H. R. Peavy m. Nellie Bolton 20 November 1894
- John Green Peavy m. Ellen Clemens 6 December 1877
- Martha Ann Peavy m. Robert Asbury 5 January 1896
- Warren W. Peavy m. S. A. H. Hammock 27 April 1876 [my 1st cousins, 3x removed]

08 January 2010

William Robins & Anna Zinn Marriage License

This is the marriage license for my 2nd great grand uncle and aunt, William Robert Robins (1885-1968) and Anna Loretta Zinn (1912-1995). They were married by a Justice of the Peace 26 August 1930 in Jackson, Cape Girardeau County, Missouri.

All sources suggest William was about 27 years older than Anna. They had at least nine children.

William was a son of Monroe Robins and Rachel Rhodes. I have yet to find Anna's parents. She was listed with her sister, Mrs. Ruby A. Harris, in the 1930 Bollinger County, Missouri federal census.
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