30 June 2009

Lowes in the Byron Cemetery (Tombstones Tuesday)

The Byron City Cemetery in Peach County, Georgia is the final resting place of John Fletcher Lowe and wife Nancy Hartley, as well as their son Henry Alva Lowe and his wife Martha Blount:

John F. Lowe
Mar 4, 1848
Mar 24, 1903

Nancy Hartley Lowe
Jan 12, 1851
Jan 9, 1929

Henry Alva Lowe
Feb 8, 1880
Nov 15, 1934

Martha Blount Lowe
Jan 5, 1892
Apr 30, 1986

20 June 2009

A Main Street in Macon

This month, A Festival of Postcards is showcasing "Main Street."

The caption on the front of this postcard is "Third Street Intersection, Showing Dempsey Hotel, Macon, Ga." There is a handwritten date of May 31, 1947. The Dempsey Hotel was in operation from 1913 - 1983. In the early years, it was a luxury hotel that held lavish galas and candlelit dinners. Today, it is an assisted living apartment complex for the elderly.

This postcard was "made only by Tichnor Bros., Inc., Boston, Mass." It was "pub. by Service News Co., Macon, GA." It contains a George Washington 1 ¢ stamp, and is addressed to Mrs. C. Hirschemiller of Cincinnati, Ohio. The initial greeting from the senders, Wally & Betty, is "Hi Mom, dear --." They go on to mention a red X marked on the front of the postcard is where they were while writing. I don't know Wally, Betty, or Mrs. Hirschemiller, but I think that information is pretty cool. I can easily go stand where they once were more than sixty years ago. I hope their trip was a good one.

What does this have to do with Lincecum Lineage? It's somewhat of a stretch, but follow me for a moment... The actual address of the Dempsey Hotel / Apartments is 523 Cherry Street. This is a main street in downtown Macon that does connect to my family tree. A cousin, Charles Drury Peavy, was the secretary, treasurer, and manager of Wood-Peavy Furniture Co. in the late 1800s to early 1900s. Guess where they were located -- 558 and 560 Cherry Street! Not far from the Dempsey at all.

Just shy of one year ago, a kind relative sent me a copy of a letter written by Charles Peavy on company letterhead. It is was dated January 1899 and mentions many family members. To me, it is a priceless treasure.

Charles Drury Peavy (1864-1925) was buried in the Byron City Cemetery; Peach County, Georgia. More on that later. :-)

16 June 2009

Tombstone Tuesday: Albert Warland Floyd

Albert Warland Floyd
July 29, 1874
Sept 25, 1948
Devoted Father Who Labored Faithfully,
With Dauntless Courage And Steadfast Conviction

Burial at Wellborn Cemetery,
Warner Robins, Houston County, Georgia

Note: Albert was the husband of Gertrude Wellborn.

09 June 2009

Bertha & Aaron on FindAGrave Thanks to Sondra (Tombstone Tuesday)

I dearly love FindAGrave. Today, I am especially grateful to Sondra Wills and her contributions of my great grand aunt and uncle, Bertha May Lincecum and Aaron Craig. I didn't even put in a request for them!

Photo Contributed to FindAGrave by Sondra Wills

Bertha May Lincecum was the daughter of Francis Marion Lincecum and Annie Victoria Gibbs. Aaron Craig was the son of Azro Thomas Craig. They were married 25 June 1919 in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri and eventually had five children. Bertha and Aaron were laid to rest in Sikeston Memorial Park; Scott County, Missouri.

Aaron's brother George W. Craig and his wife Hulda can also be found on FindAGrave. More contributions made by Sondra.

02 June 2009

Tombstone Tuesday: Saphronia Peavy

This broken tombstone is what's left of a memorial for Saphronia, wife of Jesse C. Peavy. Along with some nearby pieces, it reads:

Aug 1, 1894
40 Years
Here lies one who in this life,
Was a kind mother, a true wife.
She was by many virtues blest,
And piety among the best.

Saphronia is buried in Liberty Baptist Church Cemetery; Dooly County, Georgia.

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