23 May 2018

26 Names Gleaned from the Will of James Travis Reat (d. 1932)

James Travis Reat was born 25 November 1860 in Noxubee County, Mississippi to John F. Reat (1815-1889) and Elizabeth Lincecum (1829-1900). She was a daughter of Grabel Lincecum (d. bet. 1836-1837).

LastWillandTestament-JTReatOn 1 February 1932, the county court of Lee County, Texas (in the city of Giddings) began that month's term for probate matters with "The Matter of the Estate of James Travis Reat, Deceased."

Now come your petitioners, Travis N. Reat and Strobia Elmo Reat, and respectfully show to the Court that…James Travis Reat is dead; that he died on or about the 18th. day of January, 1932, in the Town of Marlin in Falls County, Texas, where he was temporarily residing for the benefit of his health.

…That at the time of his death he was seized and possessed of real and personal property of the value of several thousand Dollars, most of which is situated in Lee County, Texas, and left a written will, duly executed and herewith filed, in which your petitioners were appointed executors…

James made his last will and testament a week before he died. Though he was a widower, to the best of my knowledge, he had no children of his own. James also was the next-to-last survivor of five siblings (full and half). Grabel Huckaby, born twelve years before James, followed him in death seven months later.

So James Travis Reat bequeathed an interest of his estate to twenty-two nieces and nephews, each being a grandchild of Elizabeth Lincecum:

…It is my will and desire that all of the property, both real and personal, I may die seized and possessed of,  after the payment of all my just debts, together will all expenses incident to the probating of this will and the carrying out of the terms hereof, shall pass to and vest in fee simple in those of my nieces and nephews hereinafter designated and in the proportion hereinafter designated…"

Receiving an undivided 2/33 interest were each of the children of full brother John Strobia Reat (then deceased):

  • Strobia Elmo Reat
  • Travis N. Reat
  • Olena E. Moses
  • Willie M. Standifer
  • Clara D. Attaway
  • John Arvel Reat
  • Grover D. Reat
  • Hobson H. Reat
  • Ruth E. Reat
  • Lelia Wheeler
  • Nannie Reat

Receiving  an undivided 1/33 interest were the children of half brother Gaius L. Huckaby (then deceased):

  • Gaius L. Huckaby, Jr.
  • Theodore E. Huckaby
  • Hugo H. Huckaby
  • Geneva Lanthripe
  • Blanche Blancet
  • Claud C. Huckaby
  • Marcella Harl
  • Ada Thomas
  • Elizabeth Shaw

Receiving an undivided 1/33 interest was a child of half sister Marcella Jackson Duty (then deceased):

  • Estella Hill

Receiving an undivided 1/33 interest was a child of half brother Gravel [sic] E. U. Huckaby:

  • Ethel Mallory


If interested, the possible Scottish heritage of the John F. Reat family is mentioned at The Raitt Stuff.

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