03 October 2016

Marriage Bond, License & Celebration for Uriah & Malinda Tabor Berry

I've seen marriage bonds before, I've seen licenses, and I've seen confirmations of the marriage ceremony actually being performed.  I just don't know if I've seen all documents pertaining to a particular marriage at once.  All neatly organized, revealed with a simple point and click.

Thanks to FamilySearch.org, I was blessed with just that.  Images of three handwritten documents from 1819, all pertaining to the marriage of Uriah Berry/Barry and Malinda Tabor/Taber in Alabama Territory.

[As I mentioned in yesterday's post about the Agreement with Freedmen of Uriah Berry/Barry, he is a son of Nancy Lincecum and William Green Berry.  He's also brother to Gideon Berry.]


It could be important to note, Alabama Territory was carved from Mississippi Territory August 1817.  Alabama achieved statehood December 1819, eleven months after the marriage of Uriah and Malinda.  Also, the couple was married in Cahawba County, which was renamed Bibb almost two years later.

Transcriptions of portions of each of the documents follow.  Though incomplete, I'm confident the "pertinent" information comes through.  As mentioned, images of the original documents may be viewed at FamilySearch.

BOND dated 25 January 1819

Alabama Territory }
Cahawba County } Know all men by these presents, that we Uriah Berry and Nathan Taber of said county are held and firmly bound unto William W. Bibb Governor of the Territory aforesaid or his successors in office in the sum of Two [Five?] hundred dollars to which payment will and [illegible] to be made to the said Governor for the time being or his successors in office...

...The condition of this obligation is such that where as...a marriage is shortly intended to be celebrated between the above bound Uriah Berry and Malinda Taber.  Now if there be no lawful cause to obstruct said marriage then this obligation to be void otherwise to remain in full force and effect.
[signed & sealed] Uriah Berry
[signed & sealed] Nathan Taber


The Alabama Territory of the United States
By the Register of the Orphans Court of Cahawba County

To any Judge, Minister or Justice lawfully authorised to celebrate the rites of Matrimony

You are hereby licensed to celebrate the rites of matrimony between Uriah Berry and Malinda Tabor of said county and for so doing this shall be your warrant.

[Signed by Registrar in Centreville, 26 January 1819.]


Alabama Territory }
Cahawba County } I certify that I have executed the within license agreeable to the within warrant 27th January 1819.

Wm Taber JP

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