06 September 2016

Individual Report for William Alexander Cardwell (1863-1946), Husband of Kate Lincecum

Individual Report - maleWilliam Alexander "Willie" Cardwell was born 16 October 1863 in Caldwell County, Texas, second son to Thomas Cardwell and Catharine "Kate" Copenhaver.  Willie married Edna Katherine Lincecum 20 January 1892 in Caldwell County.

As I noted in Kate Lincecum's individual report,

The marriage date carries with it a bit of contention, though, since census records suggest Katie and Willie had at least two children prior to that date.  I suppose the children could belong to another union.  I don't know at this point.  The four children I have ascribed to Kate and William are as follows:  Lottie Kate, William E., Percy A., and Thomas A. (also known as "Tom").

William Alexander Cardwell died 11 August 1946 at Lockhart, Caldwell County, Texas.  His death certificate states he had only been at that place 10 days.  His usual residence was San Antonio, Bexar County.  William was laid to rest at Mission Burial Park (South) in San Antonio.

Individual Facts:

  • Census:  17 June 1880 / Caldwell County, Texas
  • Occupation:  June 1900 / Saloon Keeper at Gonzales County, Texas
  • Address:  June 1900 / St. Lawrence St, Gonzales, Texas
  • Census:  8 June 1900 / Gonzales, Gonzales County, Texas
  • Occupation:  April 1910 / Grocery Man at Bear County, Texas
  • Address:  April 1910 / 808 Carson St, San Antonio, Texas
  • Census:  19 April 1910 / San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas
  • Occupation:  January 1920 / Salesman, Grocery at Bexar County, Texas
  • Census:  5 January 1920 / San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas
  • Occupation:  April 1930 / Retail Grocery Store Merchant at Bexar County, Texas
  • Address:  April 1930 / 419 Harding Place, San Antonio, Texas
  • Census:  14 April 1930 / San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas
  • Residence:  April 1935 / San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas
  • Address:  April 1940 / 419 Hardin Pl., San Antonio, Texas
  • Census:  12 April 1940 / San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas
  • Occupation:  abt 1946 / Retired Merchant at Bexar County, Texas
  • Address:  abt 1946 / 419 Harding Place at San Antonio, Texas

Sources available upon request.


- According to the 1930 Bexar County, Texas Federal census, William owned at $4,000 home.

- Per his death certificate, William died 8:40 a.m. 11 August 1946.  His son, P. A. Cardwell, was the informant.

Take all mistakes as good wishes.

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