25 June 2013

I Made Jam!

Strawberry Fig Jam to be precise, but first things first. After my delightful results with Blueberry Butter, I ran out and bought some supplies to make rookie canning life a bit easier. Just look at my loot!

I got the recipe from Food in Jars again. And I followed it precisely (minus letting the fruit sit a couple of days), as this was my first jam.

You cannot imagine how happy I was when 14 minutes into the cooking process, I could see the gelling. I ran my wooden spoon through the fragrant mixture, and the path left behind was clearly visible. Yes! I. Made. Jam.

I ended up with the proper 3 (1/2 pint) jars and set off to process them with my new canning pot. Loved it! The rack worked wonderfully, and I can't wait to use the setup again. :-)

Now some veteran canners might look at my results and see I didn't quite get all the air out of my jars. I thought I did, but need to do a better job next time. Bottom line? I. Made. Jam.

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