04 December 2011

That Special Card (Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories #4)

[Originally posted last year.]

As much as I grumble about putting up Christmas decorations, there is one thing I do like to display -- my Christmas cards! While I might procrastinate on getting mine in the mail, I sure do love getting them.

My display is nothing fancy, I just tape them to the front door. I'd show you a picture, but I haven't received any new ones yet. (C'Mon, people! It's the 4th already!) And, yes, you will find some are put up year after year. Maybe I really like the cover, or maybe the sentiment is significant, or maybe the sender wrote a special note. I also have some that have been placed in a scrapbook. The ultimate destination for all that I want to keep and remember. I try to write out beside them who was the sender so there's no guessing or unnecessary fondling. :-)

There is one card, however, that has its own page in the scrapbook. It is the most special card I have received to date -- the last Christmas card from my Aunt Cindy before she passed away. I separated the two sides so the front and inside could both be seen at a glance. Looking at it is always bittersweet, as it brings a smile to my face and a tear to my eye.

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