03 December 2011

Our German Angel Ornaments (Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories #3)

[This was originally posted in 2009 for the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories. As you will read, I was running behind on my posting then. Thankfully, I am on time this year (for however long it lasts).]

I'm running a little behind in posting for the Geneabloggers Advent Calendar, but still wanted to share some special family ornaments with you. To be honest, I don't know a lot of details about the angel ornaments pictured above. I can tell you they are from Germany.

From the time I was in kindergarten through second grade, my father was stationed at Hahn Air Force Base. I imagine things were difficult, at least at first, for my parents. Especially since we initially did not live in base housing. We first lived above the store pictured here. It was across the street from a big church. There was one other American family that lived there, as well. As for me, all the memories are good ones. The three main things I tie to Christmas in Germany are the ornaments, German chocolates Mom always had for us, and snow.

Germany is really the only placed we lived that had a lot of snow. While we did live in Colorado for a bit, I don't remember much of it. The absolute best thing to do in the snow was go sledding. It was so much fun! I didn't mind climbing to the top of the hill when I knew I would be flying back down it! That is, if I kept me and my red sled out of the ditch. :-) The only unfortunate thing was the dreaded snowsuit my mother made us wear!

One time, I was sledding down a hill that had a fence at the bottom. Somehow, I managed to find the hole in the fence and went right through it. I remember grabbing onto a small tree and hanging on. When I looked down, I saw a road with cars going by! Funny thing is, I don't remember being scared. I don't remember hanging there too long, either, as my Dad was soon there pulling me up and out. That was something else that made the sledding special. It was something me and my Dad always did. Mom was not fond of the snow, and my little brother was still a bit too young to be able to go by himself.

It's neat how a few little angel Christmas ornaments can bring back so many memories!

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