27 February 2010

Surname Saturday: LOGUE

I'm following my ahnentafel report for my Surname Saturday posts. My second surname is LOGUE. Here are my theories back six generations:

1. Stephanie Lincecum

2. Dad Lincecum
3. Mom (Logue)

6. Grandpa Logue
7. Grandma (Prine)

12. Asa Lorenza Logue is the son of William Benjamin Logue and Sara Evelyn Brown. He was born on 19 Jun 1877 in Hancock, Georgia, USA. He died on 16 Aug 1957 in Tennille, Washington, Georgia, USA.
13. Ophelia Lugean Peavy is the daughter of Michael C. Peavy and Sarah Ann Rebecca Turner. She was born on 05 Jun 1890 in Washington, Georgia, USA. She died on 17 Oct 1958 in Bibb, Georgia, USA.

Asa Lorenza Logue and Ophelia Lugean Peavy were married on 06 Sep 1914. They had 8 children: Asa Mike (1915-1978); Anna Bessie (1918-2004); Sara Evelyn (1921-1963); Eugene (1923-1941); Lunie Velora (1925-1993); Grandpa Logue; Hillery Logue (1929-2000); Fred Eldredge (1932-1999).

Callie E. Young was born on 16 Dec 1885 in Georgia. She died on 23 Oct 1902.

Asa Lorenza Logue and Callie E. Young were married Aft. 1899. They had 1 child: William H. (1902-1908).

Daisy Belle Edwards is the daughter of Charles Edgar Edwards and Mary C. Roberts. She was born on 23 Dec 1880 in Marshfield, Coos, Oregon, USA.

Asa Lorenza Logue and Daisy Belle Edwards were married Abt. 1904. They had 4 children: Horace Edward (1905-1972); Callie Belle (1907-2001); Luther Rogers (1909-1978); Ruby Kate (1911-1998).

24. William Benjamin Logue is the son of William Buck Logue Jr. and Emily Simmerson. He was born 1852 in Hancock, Georgia, USA. He died on 04 Nov 1927 in Hancock, Georgia, USA.
25. Sara Evelyn Brown is the daughter of William C. Brown and Elizabeth Thigpen. She was born Bet. 1848–1852 in Georgia.

William Benjamin Logue and Sara Evelyn Brown were married and had 5 children: Lunnie (????-????); William Harris (1875-????); Asa Lorenza (1877-1957); Charles Jefferson (1878-????); Walter Rogers (1881-1940).

48. William Buck Logue Jr. is the son of William R. Logue. He was born 1800 in Georgia, USA.
49. Emily Simmerson is the daughter of Asa Simmerson and Marcella R. Goodwin. She was born 1820 in South Carolina, USA.

William Buck Logue Jr. and Emily Simmerson were married Bet. 1845–1846 in Hancock, Georgia, USA. They had 2 children: Asa Alfred (1847-1924); William Benjamin (1852-1927).

William Buck Logue Jr. and an unknown spouse had 1 child: Lorenza (1844-????).

96. William R. Logue and an unknown spouse had 2 children: James (b. 1785, d. aft. 1850); William Buck (1800-????).

20 February 2010

Surname Saturday: LINCECUM

OK. Here's my first Surname Saturday post. I plan to do my best to keep up with this blogging theme, as I'm sure it will result in the meeting of cousins!

I like the way Randy at Geneamusings.com does his by ahnentafel report. I'm going to start that way and see how I like it.

The first surname is, of course, my own -- LINCECUM. Here are my theories going back twelve generations.

1. Stephanie Lincecum

2. Dad Lincecum
3. Mom (Logue)

4. Grandpa Lincecum
5. Grandma (Campbell)

8. Charley Wilbur Lincecum is the son of Francis Marion Lincecum and Annie Victoria Gibbs. He was born on 28 May 1902 in Hickory Ridge, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA. He died on 26 Oct 1990 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA.
9. Georgia Ellen Hector is the daughter of John William Hector and Louella Summerlin. She was born on 03 Dec 1903 in Allenville, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA. She died on 25 Feb 1983 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA.

Charley Wilbur Lincecum and Georgia Ellen Hector. were married on 31 Jan 1923 in Jackson, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA. They had 2 children.

16. Francis Marion Lincecum is the son of Benjamin A. Lincecum and Nancy Elizabeth Kenyon. He was born on 08 Jan 1857 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA. He died on 04 Jul 1931 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA.
17. Annie Victoria Gibbs is the daughter of George Gibbs and Mahala Caroline Sullinger. She was born on 15 Jul 1871 in Missouri, USA. She died on 03 May 1934 in Stoddard, Missouri, USA.

Francis Marion Lincecum and Annie Victoria Gibbs were married on 04 Apr 1886. They had 6 children: Jesse (1889-1889); Albert Lewis (1890-1961); Mary Elizabeth (1892-1957); Baby Girl (1895-1895); Bertha May (1899-1979); Charley Wilbur (1902-1990).

32. Benjamin A. Lincecum is the son of Harmon B. Lincecum and Lucinda Thompson. He was born Bet. 1825–1826 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA. He died 1874.
33. Nancy Elizabeth Kenyon is the daughter of John Kenyon and Mary Brooks. She was born on 27 Jan 1832 in Missouri, USA. She died on 05 Nov 1904 in Missouri, USA.

Benjamin A. Lincecum and Nancy Elizabeth Kenyon married on 20 Dec 1849 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA. They had 3 children: Mary (1854-????); Francis Marion (1857-1931); Marcilla A. (b. bet. 1862-1863, d. ????).

64. Harmon B. Lincecum is the son of Asa B. Lincecum and Melinda Nevels. He was born Abt. 1808 in Georgia, USA. He died Abt. 1854.
65. Lucinda Thompson. She was born Bet. 1808–1810 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA. She died Aft. 1870.

Harmon B. Lincecum and Lucinda Thompson were married on 06 Jul 1825 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA. They had 11 children: Nancy Jane (b. bet. 1821-1835, d. ????); Benjamin A. (b. bet. 1825-1826, d. 1874); Caroline M. (b. abt. 1834, d. ????); Mary A. (b. bet. 1835-1839, d. ????); Charles W. (b. bet. 1836-1839, d. ????); Marcella (1840-????); Dianthia Augusta (1842-1886); Henry G. (b. bet. 1846-1848, d. ????); Rachel J. (b. bet. 1848-1849, d. ????); Margaret L. (b. bet. 1851-1853, d. ????); Harmon C. Sanford (b. bet. 1854-1857, d. ????).

128. Asa B. Lincecum is the son of Sarah Lincecum. He was born 1784 in Warren, Georgia, USA. He died on 16 Nov 1827 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA.
129. Melinda Nevels

Asa B. Lincecum and Melinda Nevels were married 1802 in Calhoun Creek, Abbeville District, South Carolina. They had 2 children: Harmon B. (b. abt. 1808, d. abt. 1854); Elva (b. aft. 1802, d. 1830).

Asa B. Lincecum and an unknown spouse had 2 children: Resin Bowie; Isabella.

514. Gideon Lincecum is the son of Paschal Linseycomb / Lincecum and a French woman. He was born on 17 Dec 1742 in France. He died on 10 Mar 1779 in Augusta, Georgia.
515. Miriam Bowie is the daughter of John Bowie Jr. and Elizabeth Pottinger. She was born Bet. 1725–1749 in Maryland, USA. She died 1813 in Eatonton, Putnam, Georgia, USA.

Gideon Lincecum and Miriam Bowie were married Abt. 1760 in Maryland, USA. They had 6 children: John Lincecum (1764-1781); Edward (b. bet. 1762-1765, d. 1781); Nancy Ann (1768-1849); Dolly (1766-????); Hezekiah (1770-1839); Sarah (b. bet. 1762-1776, d. 1803).

1028. Paschal Linseycomb / Lincecum is the son of Mr. Linseycomb. He was born Bet. 1689–1720 in France. He died 1760 in Maryland, USA.

Paschal Linseycomb / Lincecum and a French woman were married in France. They had 1 child: Gideon Lincecum (1742-1779).

2056. Mr. Linseycomb was born 1689 in England.

Mr. Linseycomb and an unknown spouse had 1 child: Paschal Linseycomb (b. bet. 1689-1720, d. 1760).

18 February 2010

Digital Photo Organization, an Ahnentafel Report, & Surname Visualization (GB Games 2010)

Last night and today were very productive for my competition in the GB Games of 2010. I tagged, described, and organized seven more digital photos and added them to my genealogy master file. This work would go toward Task D in category 3 -- Organize Your Research. Though I already completed that task, I must keep going if I really want to organize my files.

Next, I added my profile to LinkedIn. This was an informal "Expand Your Knowledge" task for me. I really thought LinkedIn was more of a job-seeking site. It really is another place to network and make connections in a certain field of study. I chose to promote my interest in cemetery research.

My next task was getting my ahnentafel report online. It took me a little bit of time to get it formatted correctly, but it's now done. You may reach it by clicking on "Ahnentafel." The link is located at the top of any page on this blog, just below the header. Here is a direct link.

Since Blogger has added these page capabilities, I'm starting to think it would be a good idea to integrate one of my blogs (Southern Graves) into a domain I have -- www.southerngraves.net . The website has actually been neglected somewhat because I focus more on the blog. Maybe if I integrate the two, I'd be more apt to work on both.

I'm a little nervous about this, though. It seems easy enough to set up through Blogger, so I don't know why I'm skittish. Has anyone else done this? Is it as painless as it seems?

Anyway, back to the games. I also created a surname visualization with Wordle and posted it to my Surnames page.

Another thing I accomplished was getting started on my Surname Saturday posts. This is a blogging theme I've wanted to incorporate at LL, but was not taking the time to do so. Today, I pre-published three Surname Saturdays! I'm quite proud of that.

Finally, and this really has nothing to do with the games, I created a couple of graphic signatures to use at the end of my posts. This is something else I've been "meaning to do" for while. Check one out at the end.

So! Today I upgraded one of my bronze medals to a silver, and one of my silver medals to a gold. This brings my current medal count to 1 bronze, 2 silver, and 3 gold.

I next want to tackle the ancestor timeline. If I can work it out, I'd like to make it a female ancestor and get started on an entry for the March edition of the Carnival of Genealogy. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

16 February 2010

Mapping My Cousins (52 Weeks to Better Genealogy #7)

I've played with Google Maps before and loved it. Quite a bit of time has passed since I last tinkered with it, though. Since I really didn't have an immediate project in mind, I decided to create a simple map. This one provides locations for all of my YOUNG cousins. Young is not a terribly unusual name, so I expected these cousins to be all over the map. Especially since I was not focusing on a particular line, but the surname itself. I was a bit surprised when I saw all my cousins with the Young surname were from two states -- Missouri and Texas.

Above is actually a screen capture. I was not able to get the fullest view I wanted with the embedding codes. To view the actual map, click here. Each place marker has a short description of who did what there.

I'm glad I participated in this weeks challenge, as I was reminded of the endless possibilities of using Google Maps in charting and writing about your family history. I'm going to try and add maps to each of my relative's files.

15 February 2010

GB Games 2010: A New Name & New Goal (Recap of Day 3)

I was a busy little lady today. After I got home from my "real" job, I was able to devote some time to the GB Games 2010.

While doing a bit of data entry, I decided to perform a quick search on Google using my second cousin's name (Trellis O. Young) to verify a website source. This actually led me to a recent obituary for my third cousin, Treva Revay Yates. I'm sad to say she passed away last month at the young age of 55. Reading the obituary, however, gave me the name of her mother. This was information I did not have.

Even before this happened, I read a post written by Heather at [Family] History is the Lie Commonly Agreed Upon. The post was about her new organization system. One of the things she decided to try was a "clean" genealogy folder where she put all of her data without trying to divide it by surname.

I think this is a great idea, and I am going to give it a try. I often get bogged down trying to decide which surname folder a certain file should go in. If I tag the file with a good description, I should always be able to find it without having to remember which surnames folder I chose to attach it to. It's not likely I will complete this before the end of the GB Games 2010, but these challenges have motivated me.

Now for a more complete recap:

1. Go Back and Cite Your Sources - Today I completed 39 source citations. Woo Hoo! That gives me a gold medal, and I'm one away from a diamond.

2. Back Up Your Data - I'm one step closer to getting a handle on this habit I'm trying to form. I completed half of Task A. I have decided to give Mozy a try after reading about it on a couple of geneablogs. Hopefully I will have time tomorrow to download the free trial and see exactly how it works.

3. Organize Your Research - I started on Task A and organized a couple of hard files. Task D I completed yesterday. I also started on Task E by creating 16 data entries into my database. Only four more to go to finish that one.

4. Expand Your Knowledge - did not compete

5. Write, Write, Write - I created a new page on the Southern Graves blog for Featured Articles. That completes Task E, giving me a bronze medal. I'm still planning on the genealogy report for LL, and I want to get moving on the "Surname Saturday" theme.

6. Reach Out & Perform Genealogical Acts of Kindness - For Task A I commented on 5 new-to-me geneablogs. There sure are a lot of great ones out there. I participated in an indexing project by posting an obituary to my Southern Obituaries blog, completing Task E. I also started following four new geneablogs, finishing Task G. Finishing three tasks in this category gives me gold medal!

My standings as of 15 February 2010: 2 bronze, 2 gold

I hope you are reaching your GB Games goals!

08 February 2010

Surnames Now Have Their Own Page

Since Blogger added the static pages feature, I created a page just for surnames. A link (simply entitled "Surnames") is at the top of any Lincecum Lineage page you are on, just below the header. Once on the surnames page, you may click on a surname to be taken to all articles pertaining to that name. Also, you may click on the "Home" link to return to the main LL page containing the most recent posts.

I think this is an awesome feature, and I am so happy Blogger added it. I'm sure I will be creating additional pages in the future, so stay tuned!

Here is a direct link - Lincecum Lineage Surnames Page.

Another Cousin Gone

I'm always a little sad when I am conducting research and find an obituary for a cousin that recently passed away. Especially since the Internet - email, facebook, twitter, etc,... I find myself thinking how it would have been nice to have met them. Even if "met" simply means an email or two.

On the other hand, I am thankful to find this obituary. Before reading it, I knew nothing but the name of this cousin. The clues found within the short article lead me to census records and more connections.

Velma Young (my 5th cousin, 3x removed in law) was born about 1920 to Eugene Henry Young and his wife Louise. She married James Woods Love in 1945, and they had at least one daughter. Velma died 21 June 2006 and was laid to rest at San Jose Burial Park in San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas.

I'm sorry we never met.

02 February 2010

1910 US Census: Spring Creek Township, Douglas County, Missouri (ED 59, Pg 2A)

Sometimes, when searching through census records, you are lucky to come across a page with more than one family connection. Well, that is just what happened when I was initially looking for Ella / Ellie Youngblood. She was the wife of my great grand uncle, Harrison Watts. Harrison's sister, Cora Etta, married my great grandfather Samuel Prine.

Anyway, the census page in question is Page 2A of Enumeration District 59 (Spring Creek Township) in Douglas County, Missouri, USA. Families 18, 19, 20, 21, and 22 are all related to me through the aforementioned PRINE family.

Family 18 was headed by Thomas B. Youngblood. His daughter Ella was sister-in-law to my great grandmother, Cora Etta Watts Prine. Family 19 was head by Jay Youngblood, son of Thomas and brother of Ella.

Family 20 was headed by James Essary. His first cousin Delpha Essary married my great grand uncle Lynn Prine.

Family 21 was headed by Daniel Jennings. Two of his daughters married two of my great grand uncle Prines.

Family 22 was headed by Lewis Roller. His granddaughter Emma Alice Roller married my great grand uncle Mark Prine.

That was a pretty cool. If the genealogy gods are accepting requests -- I wish for more of those to be included in future research.
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