27 June 2010

Elisha Lee Womble was at Appomattox

My 2nd great grand uncle in law Elisha Lee Womble was born about 1833 in Georgia. He was the son of Thomas Womble and Martha Barron. In 1856, Elisha married Martha Jane Brown (1842-1927). Less than five years later Elisha was at a Confederate training camp near Savannah.

Using Footnote's Civil War Collection (they are still offering free access for a few more days), I viewed Elisha's Civil War file. He officially enlisted 8 March 1862 in Macon, Georgia for the duration of the war. I wonder if he was like many, and thought the war would be a short one. Elisha survived and was present for the entire war, with the exception of a couple of months or so in 1864 when he fractured his humerus (bone between shoulder and elbow) and was furloughed to heal and recuperate.

The last page of Elisha's file states he was on a list of "Prisoners of War, belonging to the Army of Northern Virginia, who have been this day surrendered by General Robert W. Lee, C.S.A., commanding said Army, to Lieut. Genl. U. S. Grant, commanding Armies of the United States.  Done at Appomattox Court House, Virginia, April 9, 1865." Since I have seen other files stating soldiers surrendered at other places at the end of the war, I wonder if this means Elisha was actually present at Appomattox. A quick check of the regimental history of Georgia's 59th Infantry at Ancestry says this regiment fought at Appomattox April 4-6, and they surrendered there on the 9th. I'd say he was there.

Had I foreseen these results of subjugation,
I would have preferred to die at Appomattox.

- Robert E. Lee

I wonder, how did Elisha feel?

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