29 May 2010

Surname Saturday: HUFFMAN

I'm following my ahnentafel report for my Surname Saturday posts. My next surname is HUFFMAN. Here are my theories back six generations. There are many names I received from cousins, but nothing there to really tell who they were. Need to work on that.

22. Columbus Marion Robins is the son of Monroe Robins and Rachel Rhodes. He was born on 06 Apr 1875 in Bollinger, Missouri, USA. He died on 30 Sep 1951 in Bollinger, Missouri, USA.
23. Alice Mae Huffman is the daughter of Pinkney Sylvanis Huffman and Lucinda Catherine Yount. She was born on 16 Oct 1878 in Bollinger, Missouri, USA. She died on 04 Mar 1950 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, USA.

Columbus Marion Robins married Alice Mae Huffman on 14 Jul 1901 in Bollinger, Missouri, USA. They had 5 children: Belvia Elnora, Della Caroline (b. 1904), Norma Ethel (1906-2000), Lyman Sylvania, and Linus Monroe.

46. Pinkney Sylvanis Huffman is the son of Morgan Huffman. He was born on 16 Jan 1838 in North Carolina, USA. He died on 02 Feb 1908 in Bollinger, Missouri, USA.
47. Lucinda Catherine Yount is the daughter of Frederick Yount and Polly Mayfield. She was born on 13 Oct 1839 in Bollinger, Missouri, USA. She died on 29 May 1932 in Missouri, USA.

Pinkney Sylvanis Huffman married Lucinda Catherine Yount 25 Dec 1859. They had 11 children: Stephen Bennett (b. 1860), Christopher Columbus (b. 1863), Roxanna Jane (b. 1866), Charity Theodosia (b. 1868), Mary Ellen (b. 1871), Effa (b. 1873), Dema (b. 1874), Lucretia Ann (b. 1876), Alice Mae (1878-1950), Clara Ursula (b. 1882), and Henry M.

92. Morgan Huffman is the son of George Huffman. He was born 1815 in Burke, North Carolina, USA.

Morgan Huffman and an unknown spouse had 6 children: Elizabeth (b. 1840), Amie E. (b. 1841), Jane M. (b. 1844), Rebecca (b. 1845), Susannah K. (b. 1846), and Pinkney Sylvanis (1838-1908).

184. George Huffman is the son of Baltzar Huffman. He was born 1780 in Catawba, North Carolina, USA.

George Huffman and an unknown spouse had 1 child: Morgan (b. 1815).

368. Baltzar Huffman is the son of George Huffman and Catherine Rhyne. He was born 1741.

Baltzar Huffman and an unknown spouse had 1 child: George (b. 1780).

736. George Huffman was born 1713. He died 1794.

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hardyp3 said...

Hi! I keep bumping into your blog and stumbled on it again tonight as I was trolling for anything new in my Sitzes line. I am descended from Pinkney Sylvanis Huffman's daughter Lucretia Ann Huffman aka 'grandma Sitzes'. She married Noah F Sitzes. Their daughter Delia May Sitzes (aka grandma Lee) married John M Lee and their daughter Dorothy is my mother. I have several pictures of Pinkney's wife Lucinda Catherine Yount including one with her daughter Ann and a whole host of grand kids including my mom. Nothing of Pinkney though.

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