10 April 2010

Surname Saturday: PEAVY

Oops! I missed last week. Hopefully, I'm back on track now.

I'm following my ahnentafel report for my Surname Saturday posts. My next surname is PEAVY. My first connection is my great-grandmother Ophelia Lugean Peavy. Here are my theories back five generations.

12. Asa Lorenza Logue is the son of William Benjamin Logue and Sara Evelyn Brown. He was born on 19 Jun 1877 in Hancock County, Georgia. He died on 16 Aug 1957 in Tennille, Washington County, Georgia.
13. Ophelia Lugean Peavy is the daughter of Michael C. Peavy and Sarah Ann Rebecca Turner. She was born on 05 Jun 1890 in Washington, Georgia, USA. She died on 17 Oct 1958 in Middle Georgia Hospital, Bibb County, Georgia.

Asa Lorenza Logue married Ophelia Lugean Peavy on 06 Sep 1914. They had 8 children: Asa Mike (1915-1978), Anna Bessie (1918-2004), Sara Evelyn (1921-1963), Eugene (1923-1941), Lunie Veloria (1925-1993), Grandpa, Hillery (1929-2000), and Fred Eldredge (1932-1999).

26. Michael C. Peavy is the son of Littleton Dickson Peavy and Ann Mims. He was born on 13 Jan 1835 in Perry, Houston, Georgia, USA. He died on 20 Nov 1907 in Johnson, Georgia, USA.
27. Sarah Ann Rebecca Turner is the daughter of James Wilson Turner and Lephvicia Carrington. She was born on 05 Oct 1852 in Washington, Georgia, USA. She died on 11 Aug 1901 in Sandersville, Washington County, Georgia.

Michael C. Peavy married Sarah Ann Rebecca Turner on 09 Oct 1870 in Hancock County, Georgia. They had 8 children: Henry L. Stevens (1872-1940), D. Bose (d. 1954), Charles Greene (1874-1939), Lee Andrew (1880-1936), Willie Long (b. 1883), John Otha (1887-1940), Ophelia Lugean (1890-1958), and Sallie Mae (1892-1962).

Michael C. Peavy married Mary Anne Hardy on 05 May 1854 in Perry, Houston, Georgia, USA. They had 5 children: Littleton D. (1855-1931), James Monroe (1857-1922), Michael C. Jr. (1859-1933), Mary Ann (1867-1948), and Robert S. Lee (b. 1867).

52. Littleton Dickson Peavy is the son of Michael Peavy and Susannah Dickson. He was born Jan 1800 in Perry, Houston, Georgia, USA. He died on 30 Jan 1861 in Camilla, Mitchell County, Georgia.
53. Ann Mims is the daughter of Williamson E. Mims. She was born Bet. 1804–1809 in Warren, Georgia, USA. She died 1839 in Perry, Houston, Georgia, USA.

Littleton Dickson Peavy married Ann Mims 1826 in Perry, Houston, Georgia, USA. They had 5 children: William Henry (1827-1890), Charles Williamson (1830-1881), Cynthia Ann (1834-1912), Michael C. (1835-1907), and Drury (b. 1837).

Littleton Dickson Peavy married Nancy Worsham on 15 Apr 1841 in Crawford County, Georgia. They had 5 children: Thomas Jefferson (1842-1921), Sarah Elizabeth (1844-1923), Robert Littleton Leonidas (1848-1927), Mary E. (1850-1893), and John Wesley (1856-1934).

104. Michael Peavy is the son of Michael Peavy. He was born Bet. 1770–1777. He died Bef. 1830.
105. Susannah Dickson is the daughter of Robert Dickson and Susannah Jones. She was born Abt. 1772.

Michael Peavy and Susannah Dickson had 1 child: Littleton Dickson (1800-1861).

208. Michael Peavy was born Abt. 1741.

Michael Peavy and unknown spouse had 1 child: Michael.

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