29 April 2010

I Finally Found Nancy in the 1880 Census

I'm sure I've mentioned this before -- I am not fond of browsing census records. I use the index to a fault. If I am browsing, it means I've lost all hope of finding a family any other way. And I was almost there with my 3rd cousin, 5x removed in law Nancy Yarbrough. I tried every way I could think of to possibly spell her last name. I even searched on believed family members' first names to no avail.

For one final stop before the dreaded browsing commenced, I decided to check the USGenWeb Archives. I was betting on McMullen County, Texas for the location of Nancy in 1880, just a few years after her birth. While checking the census index transcribed by a dear volunteer, I found the family I was looking for. I hopped on over to Ancestry and soon found the right page. Nancy and family are listed next door to her maternal grandparents.

It was then that I realized why I had not been able to find Nancy before. The surname looks like Yearbrough, to me. However, a later search using that spelling did not produce the desired result, either. Who knows what she is indexed as there. It does not matter to me now, though. I am thankful the dear volunteer at the USGenWeb archives "corrected" the name to Yarbrough, otherwise I would have had to browse. And by the way, Ms. Smelley also hosts the John Swanson Yarbrough Archives. John Swanson Yarbrough was Nancy's paternal grandfather. There is lots of information there. A big shout out to Ms. Smelley and all she has done.

If you are curious, here is a shorthand transcription of the census entry for Nancy. Also included is the family of her maternal grandparents Headly and Lydia White.

1 June 1880
McMullen County, Texas
ED #110, Pgs 1-2, Families 7 & 8

WHITE, Headly (hoh) age 65 - Teamster - TNx3
WHITE, Lydia (wife) age 51 - Keeping House - OH - NC - TN
WHITE, Wm. (son) age 30 - Stock Hand - cannot read & write - b. TX
WHITE, Susan (dau-in-law) age 18 - TX - GAx2
WHITE, Lizzie (gddau) age 4 - b. TX
WHITE, Elvira (gddau) age 7/12 (Oct) - b. TX
WHITE, Johnithan (son) age 21 - Shepherd - b. TX
WHITE, Headly (son) age 13 - Shepherd - b. TX
WHITE, L. D. (son) age 11 - b. TX

YEARBROUGH, L. D. (hoh) age 37 - Stock Raiser - cannot read & write - TX - NC
YEARBROUGH, Nancy (wife) age 32 - Keeping House - cannot read & write - TX - TN - OH
YEARBROUGH, Serletha (dau) age 15 - b. TX
YEARBROUGH, Jno. S. (son) age 14 - b. TX
YEARBROUGH, Bettie A. (dau) age 11 - b. TX
YEARBROUGH, Headly (son) age 7 - b. TX
YEARBROUGH, Martha (dau) age 6 - b. TX
YEARBROUGH, Nancy (dau) age 3 - b. TX
YEARBROUGH, David J. (son) age 1/12 (Apr) - b. TX

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