13 March 2010

Surname Saturday: PRINE

I'm following my ahnentafel report for my Surname Saturday posts. My next surname is PRINE. Here are my theories back four generations:

1. Stephanie Lincecum

2. Dad Lincecum
3. Mom (Logue)

6. Grandpa Logue
7. Grandma (Prine)

14. Samuel Prine is the son of Abraham L. Prine and Sarah Elizabeth Deckard. He was born on 14 Dec 1896 in Douglas County, Missouri. He died on 09 Aug 1929 in Ava, Douglas County, Missouri.
15. Cora Etta Watts is the daughter of James Riley Watts and Amanda Stubbs. She was born on 15 Dec 1887 in Missouri. She died on 12 Apr 1974 in Chastain Nursing Home; Ava, Douglas County, Missouri.

Samuel Prine married Cora Etta Watts on 01 Dec 1917 in Douglas County, Missouri. They had 5 children: Elbert (1918-1975); Tracy (1920-2009); GrandAunt; GrandUncle; Grandma.

28. Abraham L. Prine is the son of Calvin Margarite Prine and Elizabeth Smith. He was born on 04 Feb 1862 in Tennessee. He died on 05 Apr 1928 in Ozark County, Missouri.
29. Sarah Elizabeth Deckard is the daughter of Ephraim A. Deckard and Rachel Essary. She was born on 08 May 1868 in Douglas County, Missouri. She died on 12 Sep 1943 in Springfield, Greene County, Missouri.

Abraham L. Prine married Sarah Elizabeth Deckard on 22 May 1884 in Douglas County, Missouri. They had 13 children: Florence Adar (1884-1975); Sitha Ann (1886-1934); Ivan (1891-1960); Jerry (1892-1977); Ellic (1894-1970); Samuel (1896-1929); Evert (1900-1978); Mark (1902-1992); Lynn (1904-1965); Liza (1906-1906); William (1907-1907); Alta (1908-1994); Jack (1911-1992).

56. Calvin Margarite Prine was born Bet. 1824–1825 in Tennessee. He died Aft. 1900 in Newport, Arkansas.
57. Elizabeth Smith is the daughter of Leonard Smith and Nancy. She was born 1825. She died Abt. 1890 in Douglas County, Missouri.

Calvin Margarite Prine married Elizabeth Smith on 15 Jan 1852 in Robertson County, Tennessee. They had 6 children: Abraham L. (1862-1928); Elizabeth L. (1867-1885); John Calvin (1865-1917); Jefferson Thomas (1873-1953); Robert L. (b. bet. 1848-1854, d. 1908); Francis (b. 1857, d. bef. 1870).


Melanie Prine said...

My name is Melanie (Prine) High. I believe your grandma is my Great aunt Wanda. My grandpa is Virgil Prine (born October 27th, 1927), son of Samuel and Cora Prine. His siblings are/were Elbert, Hazel, Tracy, and Wanda. Grandpa Virgil and my dad were there for aunt Tracy's funeral last year. My grandpa lives in Pekin, Illinois. I have really enjoyed reading the information on the Prine lineage.

S. Lincecum said...

You are correct! So nice to meet you! :-) I'll be sure to tell Grandma you stopped by the blog next time I see her.

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