16 February 2010

Mapping My Cousins (52 Weeks to Better Genealogy #7)

I've played with Google Maps before and loved it. Quite a bit of time has passed since I last tinkered with it, though. Since I really didn't have an immediate project in mind, I decided to create a simple map. This one provides locations for all of my YOUNG cousins. Young is not a terribly unusual name, so I expected these cousins to be all over the map. Especially since I was not focusing on a particular line, but the surname itself. I was a bit surprised when I saw all my cousins with the Young surname were from two states -- Missouri and Texas.

Above is actually a screen capture. I was not able to get the fullest view I wanted with the embedding codes. To view the actual map, click here. Each place marker has a short description of who did what there.

I'm glad I participated in this weeks challenge, as I was reminded of the endless possibilities of using Google Maps in charting and writing about your family history. I'm going to try and add maps to each of my relative's files.

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Amy Coffin, MLIS said...

A lot of these weekly challenges feature tools we've used before. The key is to go back and use them again because you learn something new each time. I'm glad you found that. Thanks for playing along in this week's challenge.

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