21 December 2009

A Fresh Madness Monday

How fitting. Today, Madness Monday, I seem to have discovered a member of the Zumwalt and Walton families died at the Southwestern Insane Asylum in San Antonio, Texas. I still need proof, but everything seems to fit. Louisa M. Zumwalt, daughter of Adam and Martha Kent Zumwalt, was married to George W. Walton in 1843. By 1900, a widowed Louisa was living alone at the age of about 82. The death report from the asylum (if this is the correct Louisa Walton) lists her death as September 1906. If this is the right individual, why was she institutionalized? Was the hospital used as a nursing home?

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Dr. Bill (William L.) Smith said...

Love the Great-Grandpa and Me photo!!

Ys, "asylums" have been used for MANY purposes in different places over the years... needs to be checked out carefully.

One of my favorite teachers in High School in Coon Rapids, IA, in early 1950s was a Stella Zumwalt! Small world.

Keep those ancestor stories coming!

Bill ;-)

Author of "13 Ways to Tell Your Ancestor Stories"

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