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07 November 2009

Surname Distribution (Saturday Night Genealogy Fun)

For this week's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun, Mr. Randy Seaver sent bloggers on a mission to find out the geographical distribution of a surname using Public Profiler.

There were really no surprises for me. The top country for LINCECUM was the United States with 1.3 FPM (frequency per million).

The top region within the USA was the state of Louisiana with 40.71 FPM. Texas followed with 14.57 FPM. My home state pretty much counted me and that was it. :-) The top parish in Louisiana was Grant. Not surprising, since there is actually a town named Lincecum located there.

An interesting note to me was the forenames. Three of the top five are the names of my grandfather, father, and brother.

I tried to do a search on LINSEYCOMB, since that is the spelling supposedly used by my immigrant ancestor before it was changed soon after arriving in the United States. The result was "We could not found an exact match for 'LINSEYCOMB'. Please search again."

Since I've been researching my collateral line of ZUMWALTs a lot lately, I plugged that name in as well. The top countries were the United States (11.94 FPM) and Canada (2.06). Germany was 5th with 0.04 FPM. I expected that to be a good bit higher since the name has German roots.

The top states were Oregon (86.74 FPM) and Oklahoma (79.73 FPM).

Finally, I again see the top forename in my family history. Robert gets the honors, and I just hours ago posted about Robert Dowling Zumwalt.

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