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24 October 2009

Tracy Prine Fletcher, a Grand Aunt She Was

We lost my Grand Aunt Trace a few days ago. She was the daughter of Sam and Cora Watts Prine, and the wife of Raymond Fletcher. Her funeral was scheduled for this afternoon.

Most of my few visits with Aunt Trace were when I was younger. She left an imprint on my heart, however. I remember a strong woman who said what she meant, meant what she said, and didn't mind sharing her opinion. I also remember a loving and hard-working woman who took care of her own, and did it well.

She was a well-liked fixture in her hometown of Ava, Missouri and will be missed by many.

We love you, Aunt Trace! Please give hugs and kisses to Cindy for me.


Apple said...

I'm very sorry for your loss.

S. Lincecum said...

You are very kind. Thank-you!

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