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28 October 2009

Sam Zumwalt's Death Certificate

I found Sam Zumwalt's death certificate at this morning. The only information I had on him prior to finding this was his name as well as the names of his parents (only his mother's first name). Working backwards pays dividends again!

Samuel A. Zumwalt died at the Providence Memorial Hospital in El Paso, Texas 21 June 1969. Cause of death was bronchopneumonia. El Paso was the city Sam had lived in for 49 years. His usual place of residence was 811 West Sunset Drive.

Sam was married, and he was retired from "Southwestern Cem."

Sam was born 1 October 1884 in Lavaca County, Texas to Robert Dowling Zumwalt and Amanda Floyd.

The informant given for the above information was Eva Zumwalt. This quite possibly was Sam's wife.

Samuel A. Zumwalt was interred at Restlawn Memorial Park in El Paso, Texas 23 June 1969.


Grace said...

How is he related to you? Working backwards is a great idea. Love you posts

grace said...

How did you find his death certificate there , had someone posted it. I went there to search for my grandfather to see if I could find a death certificate , nothing

S. Lincecum said...

The Zumwalts are a collateral line in my family tree. They are related to a relative. :-) There's no direct connection between us... I just did a general query at and some census records came up along with the death certificate. It was in the "Texas Deaths, 1890-1976" database.

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