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01 September 2009

More Aultmans in Hillcrest Cemetery (Tombstones Tuesday)

Hillcrest Cemetery, located in Reynolds, Taylor County, Georgia, is where several Aultman connections were laid to rest. I have mentioned Ella, Emanuel, and Mary Aultman before in the post 3 Aultmans of the Beauregard Volunteers. Here are a couple of images showing four more Aultman connections. Hiram and Alice were son and daughter-in-law of Emaunel and Mary. Vivian and Winnie were children of Hiram.

Alice Howard Aultman (Apr 23, 1865 - July 4, 1944) and Hiram Hollis Aultman (Sept 5, 1865 - Mar 14, 1933):

Winnie Davis Aultman (Oct 5, 1898 - Apr 20, 1971) and Vivian Laurice Aultman (June 20, 1900 - Feb 24, 1977):

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Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...

I love the arches on these tombstones.
Evelyn in Montreal

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