02 July 2009

Thankful Thursday: A Genealogical Record of the Richardson and Buford Families Digitized!

I am so thankful to Mr. Philip J. Ofrias, Jr! He digitized the 1906 book by Elizabeth Buford Richardson entitled A Genealogical Record with Reminiscences of the Richardson and Buford Families. The book is full of information that adds to a few allied lines in my family tree. I've not been through it all, yet, but spent a few hours working with it yesterday.

We must remember, though, this information is to be used as a guideline. I'll have to go back and further prove all the data I glean from this book.

The author, Elizabeth Buford Richardson, was the daughter of John Smythe Richardson and wife Sophia Hyatt. Her research goes back to the early 1700's and comes up to the time of her writing -- covering almost 200 years.

Thanks, again, Mr. Ofrias, for the work it took to digitize this book and make it available to the masses.

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