31 March 2009

Thomas Oscar Vinson

Thomas Oscar Vinson was born 5 February 1908 in Georgia to William Emmette and Frances Isabella Vinson. He married Marian Roesel Stanford and had a few children. Roesel was born 24 March 1910 and died 4 February 1985. Thomas died 6 November 1994.

Thomas and his family were found living in Houston County, Georgia for the years 1910, 1920, and 1930.

Thomas, a medical doctor, graduated from Emory University and the medical school in Augusta. He was head of the Public Health Departments of Spalding and DeKalb Counties, Georgia.

Thomas and Roesel were both buried in Liberty United Methodist Church Cemetery; Bibb County, Georgia. Roesel's gravestone included a tribute from her husband:

Roesel Stanford Vinson
Mar 24, 1910
Feb 4, 1985
A Model Mother of Three;
A Perfect Wife.

Sources Include:
- Tombstone Inscriptions
- US Federal Census Records
- History of Peach County, Georgia

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