04 March 2009

Texas Under Many Flags: Addison L. Lincecum

From Texas Under Many Flags by Clarence Wharton (© 1930) -

ADDISON L. LINCECUM. Three generations of the Lincecum family have been physicians and surgeons in Texas. Dr. Addison L. Lincecum, who has done a great deal of public health work, is practicing medicine and conducting a high class private hospital at El Campo.

His grandfather was a physician and a personal friend of General Sam Houston in the early days of the Texas Republic. He was in his generation a scientist, deeply versed in the physical sciences, and also a thorough physician. This pioneer doctor of Texas was an uncle of the famous historical character, James Bowie, whose name is associated with the "Bowie Knife," and who was one of the victims of the Alamo massacre.

Dr. Addison L. Lincecum was born in Washington County, Texas, April 8, 1874. His father, Lucullus G. Lincecum, was educated in Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia, then the outstanding medical college in the country, and he located in Texas, settled in Washington County in 1848 and in 1878 located at Lampasas, and practiced medicine until his death. He was a surgeon in the Confederate army. Dr. Lucullus Lincecum married Fannie Rainwater, a native of Mississippi. Of their eight children six are deceased.

Dr. Addison L. Lincecum secured his early education at Lampasas, attending the Centenary College there. He was matriculated in medicine at the University of Texas at Galveston in 1894, and in 1903 took his diploma from Baylor University. From 1897 to 1908 he was in practice at Jackson, Texas, and from 1908 to 1914 at El Campo.

Dr. Addison left El Campo to serve as assistant health officer at Austin from 1914 to 1917. In 1917 he took a commission and went overseas with the One Hundred and eleventh Engineers, spending thirteen months in France, two months of that time being on the firing line. He returned home in 1919 and was discharged at Fort Sam Houston in June of that year with the rank of captain.

After this military service Doctor Lincecum served with the U. S. Veterans Bureau for about six years and in 1925 returned to El Campo and resumed his private practice, and since 1927 has also conducted a well equipped private hospital there. Doctor Lincecum is president of the City and County Medical Society. In addition to his professional work he has a large amount of real estate and other business interests to occupy a portion of his time. He is a Republican, member of the Christian Church, and is a Lodge and Royal Arch Chapter Mason.

Doctor Lincecum married October 24, 1897, Miss Letha Gandy. Mrs. Lincecum is a Texas author, has been an investigator and writer on historical topics, and many of her writings have been published and have secured for her special recognition and honors from the university and other institutions. Her great-grandfather, John Gandy, of North Carolina, was a soldier in the American Revolution. Her parents were Barnabas P. and Mary (Allen) Gandy, her father a native of Alabama and her mother of Mississippi. Doctor and Mrs. Lincecum have three children, Barney, Ruth and Addison, Jr. Barney of Houston. Ruth is the wife of Ray Hilton, a chemist at Houston, and they have a daughter, Dorothy and son, Addison III. Addison, Jr., is a pupil in the public schools at Washington, D. C.

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