03 March 2009

Ruth Lincecum Crosby Loses Her Father & Husband on Same Day?

Addison L. Lincecum, son of Lucullus Garland Lincecum and Fanny Rainwater, died 6 December 1965 in Lavaca County, Texas. Here is a Texas newspaper article devoted to his death.

Dallas Morning News
7 December 1965

Widely Known Physician, Dr. A. L. Lincecum, Dies
EL CAMPO, Texas (AP) - Dr. A. L. Lincecum, last surviving member of the Baylor Medical School's first graduating class and widely known country doctor for 5o years, died Monday. He was 91.

Moments after his daughter, Mrs. Ruth Crosby, a want ads employee for the Houston Post, learned of his death at his isolated ranch near El Campo, her husband, certified public accountant T. A. Crosby, 64, suffered a fatal heart attack.

Dr. Lincecum set up practice in Wharton County a few years after his graduation in 1903 from the medical school. He retired in 1953 and devoted himself to his role of "roving reporter" for KULP radio station in El Campo until he was paralyzed by a stroke in 1958.

He was a soldier with Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders in the Spanish-American War, got a special Texas Rangers commission to help hunt the bandit Pancho Villa in Mexico after a fellow doctor and friend was killed in a border raid, and served as a combat surgeon in France in World War I.

He is credited with making the first report that the malaria-bearing anopheles mosquito from Mexico was in this country in 1905. He later won recognition for research on bubonic plague.

Funeral services for Dr. Lincecum will be held at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday in the Wheeler Funeral Chapel in El Campo.

In addition to his daughter, he is survived by two sons, Bill Lincecum and Barney Lincecum. Dr. Lincecum's wife, Letha, died in 1959.


Tracye said...

Dr. A.L. Lincecum is my great, great grandfather. Bill Lincecum was my grandmother's father. She is still alive today, living in Goliad. Bill gave me my first rifle when I was a boy. I have A.L. Lincecum's 1914 production Colt 1911 he carried as a Texas Ranger. I have copies of his hand written and typed Ranger commissions. I am a peace officer and carry his 96 year old gun on duty from time to time. Roy Boyd

S. Lincecum said...

WOW! I am very pleased to meet you! I can tell you take pride in your (our) family history. :-)

shellt said...

We probably need to exchange some information. I noticed that you are following my blog www.asouthernsleuth.com and I immediately recognized your last name. Addison L. Lincecum is my third cousin twice removed. I know that is a little removed, but I am related to the Rainwaters.

Stephanie Lincecum said...

I am excited to follow your blog, and love to see other southern researchers out there. Even though I share the same surname, I'm quite removed from Addison L. as well -- 3rd cousins, 5 times removed! I have horribly neglected this blog, but do still delve into my family tree from time to time. Always nice to meet another cousin. :-)

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