19 March 2009

My Last Name Should Not Be Lincecum, But I'm Not a Kelly

Yes, it's true. My last name should not be "Lincecum." Yet, it is. It's all a bit confusing, so I'll try to type clearly. :-)

My name is Stephanie Lincecum.
My father is Michael Lincecum.
My grandfather is Billy Lincecum.
My great-grandfather is Charley Wilbur Lincecum.
My ggreat-grandfather is Francis Marion Lincecum.
My gggreat-grandfather is Benjamin Lincecum.
My ggggreat-grandfather is Harmon Lincecum.
My gggggreat-grandfather is Asa B. Lincecum.

Going back further is where things get tricky. Asa's mother was Sarah Lincecum, daughter of Gideon Lincecum and Miriam Bowie. I do not know who Asa's father was, nor do I know why Asa chose to keep the Lincecum name. I presume Sarah knew who Asa's father was, but stranger things have happened.

Sarah went on to marry Mr. Tyre Kelly, and that union produced several children. I have come across nothing to suggest Tyre was Asa's father, and I do not believe he was.

It is a family history mystery, for sure. Something that disturbs me more than not knowing who Asa's father was, though, is when other researchers are all to eager to "solve" the mystery and attach me to the Kelly name. I have found myself listed on many a websites listed as Stephanie Kelly. Some are a little more generous and call me Stephanie Lincecum Kelly.

Please hear me now. My name is Stephanie Lincecum. Period. That's it. It's a name I'm proud of, so please get it right.


Diane said...

Stephanie, thank you for posting the information about your Lincecum lineage. I am a descendant of Tyre Kelley and Sarah Lincecum. I too would like to know the story behind Asa's birth. After your post, I checked my database and corrected the relationship. I knew that Tyre wasn't Asa's father, but when I converted to a new software, I didn't check it. thanks for the wonderful story about Asa and Malinda. Cousin Diane Livingston Tampa FL.

S. Lincecum said...

Nice to meet you, Cousin Diane! Asa's father is a family mystery that I don't know will ever be solved. Thank you so much for kindly commenting on the post.

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