05 March 2009

Letha Gandy Lincecum Researched Her Family History, Too!

I found something pretty cool on Footnote. My 3rd cousin, Letha Gandy Lincecum (husband of Dr. Addison L. Lincecum) wrote a letter in 1928 to the Commissioner of Pensions in Washington, DC. She was inquiring about a pension file for a Revolutionary War soldier named Edward Patrick. She was hoping to use information found in the file to gain membership into Daughters of the American Revolution. She wrote the letter on her husband's professional stationary.

"El Campo, Tex
June 30 - 28
Commissioner of Pensions
Washington D.C.

Dear Sir: - Please help me find the Rev. war record of Edward Fitz Patrick or Edward Patrick, the Fitz was dropped from the name but we do not know when but after coming from Scotland. He served in the Rev war in the State of N. Carolina and his wife and widow Mary (McCord) Patrick drew a pension from the U.S. Gov. while living in the State of Tenn - after her removal to that State after her husbands death --

Please help me get this war record so can join the D.A.R.
Most sincerely
Mrs. A. L. Lincecum
El Campo

Letha did receive a reply to her letter, confirming the details of Edward F. Patrick's Revolutionary War service and receiving of pension, as well as his marriage to Polly McCord and her receiving a widow's pension. I'm not sure if this information helped Letha get into DAR, or not.

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