22 February 2009

My, What a Big Family You Have!

Moses Brown (1805-1870) and Epsy Mims (1811-1879) were married around 1827-1832. They had several children. When I say several, I mean at least thirteen! Some researchers suggest there were sixteen. Here they are:

Elizabeth Jane (b. 1828)
John C. (b. 1832)
Mary Ann (b. 1834)
James L. (b. 1836)
Williamson (b. 1837)
Sarah Ann (b. 1839)
Drury (b. 1840)
Robert (b. 1842)
Sintha / Cynthia (b. 1844)
Felix (b. 1846)
Frances Elizabeth (b. 1847)
Isham (b. 1849)
Lavena Cinderella (b. 1850)
Henry Moses (b. 1851)
Sebron Sidney (b. 1853)
Nancy Rebecca (b. 1855)

I can personally account for all of the above except Elizabeth Jane, Sebron Sidney, and Nancy Rebecca. I can find Lavena Cinderella listed as "infant" in the 1850 US Federal Census, but I cannot account for her name.

(Epsy Mims is my 3rd great grand aunt.)

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