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09 February 2009

Is This Sam & Cora's Wedding Photo?

Some time ago, a generous cousin shared this photo with me. The woman standing is Cora Etta Watts Prine, my great-grandmother. The gentleman sitting next to her is Cora's husband, Sam Prine.

I've often sat with this photo in front of me, stared at it, and wondered all about it. Could this be Sam and Cora's wedding photo? It looks possible to me. I know the photo is not in color, but that dress Cora is wearing is at least a very light color. She has on a ruffled dress, and a pretty hat. Her clothing suggests something pretty important, to say the least.

My great-grandparents were not financially well off. I think the photo suggests that, as well. There is no fancy photographer's studio. Nope. Just standing outside with a quilt hung behind them as a backdrop. I wonder if Cora made the quilt.

Something else I notice in the photo is the age difference between Cora and Sam. Cora was 9 years older than Sam. Bless her heart, she looks it in this photo.

Above all else, I know how precious this photo is. Cora and Sam were married in 1917 in Douglas County, Missouri, and Sam died less than twelve years later. He passed away five months before his last daughter, my grandmother, was born.

Cora Etta Watts Prine never remarried. She was a single mother, raising five children during the Great Depression. My great-grandmother was one tough lady. I say that even though I didn't really know her. She died when I was about 15 months old. Even still, I have a strong connection with and am completely drawn to her and her story.

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