19 August 2007

Vietnam Reflections

Vietnam Reflections
Vietnam Reflections
By Lee Teter

I have never served in the military, but I am a proud Air Force brat. I am the granddaughter of Air Force, Army, and Navy veterans as well.

I found the above image to be really powerful. It got me thinking about all the wars my ancestors were involved in. I do have some living veterans in my family with war-time experience, but they don't speak about it much.

I can only imagine what these brave soldiers go through. And the guilt (I am told) that is felt by those that make it home, when their brothers, sisters, and comrades don't.

Since it was not long ago that I read Hell's Broke Loose In Georgia: Survival In A Civil War Regiment by Scott Walker, I am reminded of my first cousins William, Samuel, and Robert Braswell. These three brothers served the Confederacy in the Civil War. Only Robert made it back home to Fort Valley, Georgia alive. In fact, even the bodies of William and Samuel never made it back. They both died at the Battle of Peachtree Creek in Atlanta. I wonder how Robert dealt with the loss of his brothers?

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